Born for you, everything you need to know about the film now in cinemas

Born for you arrives today 5 September at the cinema, distributed by Vision Distribution. The work is based on the book of the same name written by Luca Mercadante and Luca Trapanese published by Einaudi. Filming began on 19 September 2022 for a duration of six weeks and took place mainly in Naples and Ischia. the cast of the film is composed of Pierluigi Gigante, Teresa Saponangelo, Barbora Bobulova, Alessandro Piavani, Antonia Truppo, Iaia Forte and Giuseppe Pirozzi

The plot of the movie

Born for you is the story of Luca and Alba: a man and a little girl who desperately need each other, even if the world around them doesn’t seem ready to see them together yet. The Naples court is looking for a family for Alba, who has Down syndrome and was abandoned in hospital as soon as she was born. Luca, single, homosexual, Catholic, always driven by a strong desire for fatherhood, fights to obtain custody of Alba. How many “traditional” families have to say no before Luca can be taken into consideration? Can a little girl rejected by the world become the prize of a lifetime?

The words of director Fabio Mollo

My sister is my sister through adoption. The day we went to pick her up from the Institute was the most beautiful of my childhood.

I remember the first hug, the paleness of his skin, the hard, almost angry look. She was already two years old. It was a temporary foster care, limited only to the Christmas holidays. I shared my bedroom with her, I taught her to say “techilimando” to indicate that black object full of buttons used to watch cartoons and to say “my brother” to indicate that nine-year-old boy with curly hair that she shared the room with her. We went to the rides, to grandma’s house, to Christmas mass. I taught her to wash her hands before going to the table and sang church songs to get her to nap after lunch. One day, when mum wasn’t there, we took the bus alone to go to the Corso to see the shop windows. At the end of the holidays, we had to take her back to the Institute and I cried a lot in the lift. I felt that there was a force greater than myself that prevented me from being her brother. Luckily my parents didn’t give up and, despite many difficulties, they managed to obtain other temporary foster care, which after ten years turned into adoption. What my parents did for my sister is to me the essence of what it means to be a parent. If it had been possible I would have done the same when my partner and I decided to start a family. Unfortunately, there is a force greater than myself that prevents me from doing so. It’s the law of the country I live in. When I read Luca Trapanese’s story I rejoiced for him and his daughter. It is a story of love, fatherhood and family. But it is also the story of an exception to an unjust and obsolete law. When I was asked to make a film, I felt a profound joy and, at the same time, a profound responsibility. “Born for you” is the story of a man who sees the world with different eyes, who transforms disability into beauty and impossibility into reality.

It is the triumph of love and life over the madness of a system that instead of helping and supporting citizens who strongly want to build a family through adoption, humiliates them.