Born for you, the film inspired by the true story of Luca Trapanese. The review

Sometimes you win, you become the exception to the rule, therefore, a precedent for those who come later and live in a more just world. Born for youfeature film directed by Fabio Mollo with Pierluigi Gigante, Teresa Saponangelo And Barbora Bobulovain theaters from 5 October, is the story of true story of Luca Trapaneseprotagonist of the first Italian case of adoption of a newborn by a single person. The courageous film, with a strong social vocation, is mainly the transposition onto the big screen of an immense love, that between a parent and a child, the fruit of hope, tenacity and exceptional circumstances.

Luca, a single man who wants to become a father

Luca is young, generous, empathetic, a believer but he is also unsuitable, since single and homosexualto become the father of Sunrisea little girl with Down syndrome abandoned at birth in hospital by her biological mother. Between the desire for paternity of Luca, a Neapolitan, who dedicates his life to others in the reception center for disabled people of which he is the founder, and the future of a little girl with enormous difficulties in finding a family, there is Italian law, a adoption regulations stopped in the early 1980s, which protects minors but which does not take into account the evolution of a society in which minorities ask to be considered, rightfully, on an equal footing with other citizens.
“What do you think we are in Sweden?” Nunzia (Antonia Truppo), the loving nurse who takes care of Alba from day one, asks ironically Luca, (played by Pierluigi Gigante) when it becomes aware of your request custody of the little girl to the Juvenile Court. There is no candidate with less hope than him to obtain custody of Alba, although he is the only one who wants to take care of her. But Luca doesn’t rest until, thanks to the help of Teresa, a tough lawyer and single mother (the actress Teresa Saponangelo), manages to bring the baby home temporarily, the first step towards a goal that seems unattainable, like the surface of the planet Mars.

The primary need of a family

The spatial metaphor, which is not obvious within a film that is never banal, recurs (and is explained) in the various flashbacks that show who Luca is, that courageous man who was a dreamer as a boy.
From the discovery of love to its loss, to the desire to do everything alone, Luca is the protagonist of a story with only one interpreter that proceeds and reaches completion only through others.
His need for family passes through the separation from his own, made up of caring grandmothers and children with a mother and a father, that traditional core which appears to be the only reference in the law.
Luca lives in love and all his life he does nothing build family bondswith his classmates (who he leaves when he realizes that it is not his path), with the community of his disabled children and adults, with the partner with whom he dreams of building a future, with the lawyer Teresa who, outside the courtroom, helps him get through a night full of parenting complications.

Gigante, Saponangelo, Forte, faces of a realistic cast

Although one easily becomes attached to Luca, played magnificently by Gigante – already the face of Gomorrah and of I’m laughing herehere in his first experience as a protagonist – the desire of the writers and director to create a story that makes sense for everyone is evident from the beginning, especially for those who come up against a system of unjust rules. Born for you speaks to today’s audience through a theme that has always existedthat of rights.
In a world that seeks easy and painless solutions, Luca without hesitation chooses the child who is rejected by others. He’s the only one who can take care of Sunrise that was born to give a meaning to his lifeas the title taken from suggests Born for youthe book by Trapanese (the real one) and Mercadante published by Einaudi which tells the adventure of an unprecedented adoption.
Among the merits of the narrative, a cast of credible and realistic characters, from the judge (Bobulova) to Luca’s mother, a tender and charming woman Iaia Fortewhich move in one “other” Naplesfar from classical iconography, where even the alleys are quiet and allow inner voices to speak.
Filmed in six weeks also ad Ischia and in the province of Casertataking advantage of the interior of the real one Betterthe non-profit organization created by Trapanese, the project Born for you was loved by everyone from the first moment: from the producers, Cattleya and Bartleby Film in collaboration with Sky and Vision Distribution, to Mollo, a director who comes from the South and who recognized in the protagonist’s experience a piece of his family history (he a sister who was adopted after a long and difficult process), to the actors, who are immersed in real life of Trapanese and her little girl in a emotional journey unforgettable.