Born, Meloni: “No one is safe without the unity of the Atlantic Alliance”

“In this increasingly uncertain world, this summit succeeded in reaffirming one of the certainties we have had in this time: the unity of the Atlantic Alliance and the determination to defend the values ​​and rules of international law without which none of us would be safe. Upholding the rules of international law is the best way to defend our citizens”. This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a press conference at the end of the NATO summit in Vilnius (LA DIRETTA).

“Italy reclaims its role in NATO”

“The summit is being held in an exceptional historical moment and it could not fail to take decisions on the level of deterrence and defense. Italy has supported and supports NATO’s ongoing adaptations as demonstrated by the contributions on the eastern flank and in the Mediterranean and which have also been vindicated. We have vindicated our role in the Alliance and the attention that must be given to the eastern flank but we have also called for greater attention towards the southern flank”.

“Secretary Stoltenberg – he added – underlined to me how important he too believed to concentrate attention on the southern flank: what is happening in Africa is not an Italian problem but a European one and therefore of the entire Alliance. If today there is greater attention this is due to Italy”. “It is a theme – underlined Giorgia Meloni – that I carry everywhere, I took it to the European Council, to the G7, we will bring it forcefully to the G7 next year: the Mediterranean and non-predatory cooperation with African countries will be at the center of our presidency of the G7 – he added -. It is not true that Africa is a poor continent, it is above all an exploited continent. It happened that several colleagues in the meetings of these days cited the Italian example. I trust that this attention will increase and I am sure that Italy can play a leading role”.

“2% military spending takes into account sustainability”

“Our freedom has a cost. What is invested in defense comes back tenfold in terms of defending our national interests. Anyone who says that we must demobilize and denounces certain interferences must understand that the two things do not go together”, added the premier. “We believe that in the commitment to 2% of defense expenditure in relation to GDP, we must take into account the progression, sustainability and responsibility and participation in the functioning of the Alliance that each ally assumes. I say this as premier of a nation which with nearly 3,000 men is the main contributor in terms of presence in peacekeeping missions”.

“Ukraine in NATO when the conditions are right”

“Important steps forward for Ukraine’s future accession to NATO. The accession process has been streamlined, while reiterating that Ukraine will join NATO when conditions permit”, said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at a press conference at the end of the NATO summit in Vilnius. “We continue to work to favor the conditions for a negotiation process leading to a just, lasting, comprehensive peace. It is clear that without adequate security guarantees for Ukraine it is much more difficult to reach peace. Russia in the past has very often violated the covenants he had signed”. “Next year we will host the G7 is an occasion in which we intend to play a leading role also on the issue of reconstruction, I consider working on the reconstruction of Ukraine also a way to bet on a future of peace, freedom and Euro-Atlantic well-being for this nation,” Meloni added.

“Invitation to the White House on July 27”

“On the sidelines of the NATO summit I will have bilateral meetings. I met Erdogan with whom we spoke about the Mediterranean, energy, migration and peace. I spoke with Sunak (the British prime minister, ed), with Biden who invited me to the White House on July 27th”. This was announced by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at a press conference at the end of the NATO summit in Vilnius.

I offer my “congratulations to the Prime Minister of Lithuania, whom I will meet shortly in a bilateral meeting, the last commitment I will have at this summit, I also want to congratulate Secretary Stoltenberg on the extension of his mandate which illustrates the exceptional nature of the moment but also of a firm and balanced leadership”, added the premier.