Born, Trump insists and claims: “I made her strong”

According to the tycoon, after the end of his presidency, the allies left the US to bear the greatest cost of aid to Ukraine. Republicans say no to new aid to Kiev

Donald Trump returns to the topic of NATO, after in recent days he ‘encouraged’ Russia to attack those countries that do not pay their dues to the Alliance. On the social network Truth, after the controversy of the last few hours, the former president who is again a candidate for the White House claimed: “I made NATO strong. When I told the 20 countries that weren’t paying their share that they had to, and I told them that if they didn’t do it they wouldn’t have the military protection of the United States, the money came. After so many years of the United States paying the bill, it was a beautiful sight.”

But then, After he left the White House, he complained, allies let the United States bear the brunt of the cost of aid to Ukraine. “Now, without me saying you have to pay, they’re doing it again,” she accused.

No US Republicans on aid package with new support for Kiev

Meanwhile, Mike Johnson, the speaker of the US House, has announced that the Republicans will not vote on the foreign aid package prepared by the Senate and which, in particular, allows further financial support for Ukraine. And this is because, he explained in a note shared on ‘X’, ”national security begins at our borders”, while ”the Senate aid bill is silent on the most urgent issue facing our country” ‘, has explained.

And since ”America deserves better than what the Senate expected”, Johnson stated that ”the House will have to continue to work according to its own will on important issues”, as it ”worked ten months to pass a policy of change with the Secure Out Border Act”.