Borsa Milano today, Piazza Affari continues to rise. The recovery of the banks is evident

New positive day for the European Stock Exchanges, even if with less brilliant tones than yesterday. The mood remains more optimistic than last week on the possible contagion effect of lenders in Europe, but Deutsche Bank remains weak after a positive start. There is also some tension on government bonds of the Old Continent. According to Monica Defend, Vincent Mortier and Matteo Germano of the Amundi Institute, the fundamentals of European banks are sound and banks, including Deutsche Bank, have capital and liquidity levels in excess of regulatory requirements.

At the TTF in Amsterdam the price of gas rises slightly, but always remains below 45 euros per megawatt hour. The rise in the price of oil then continues, with Brent and Wti advancing by more than 0.7%. In Milan, the Ftse Mib is gaining: it marks an increase of 0.47% and closes at 26,329.46. The spread between BTPs and German Bunds has increased, moving above 180 basis points. The yield on ten-year bonds also grew, around 4.13%.

Intesa Sanpaolo performed well on the main stock exchange on Piazza Affari (+0.97%). In the sessions between 20 and 24 March, the bank purchased 128.23 million treasury shares, for a total value of 295.62 million euro. Unicredit is also growing (+4.38%): the institute has received authorization from the ECB for the execution of the new treasury share buyback programme, for a maximum amount of 3.343 billion euro.

Tim (+2.50%), Tenaris (+2.97%) and Eni (+1.93%) are also in evidence. At the bottom, however, Recordati (-1.80%), Stm (-2.85%), A2a (-1.70%), Banca Mediolanum (-1.30%) and Azimut (-1.03%) . (in collaboration with