Bossi launches the Northern Committee, here is the “Voltaren of the League”

The senatur: “The time has come to stand up.” Crowded hall and choirs for the founder of the Carroccio

”We created the Northern Committee because the time has come to stand up… You suffered when you saw the identity of the League erased…”. Like this Umberto Bossi speaking at the first public event of his Northern Committee underway at the Castle of Giovenzano in the province of Pavia. The founder of the League arrived in a wheelchair after his last hospitalization for an ulcer operation. At his side are MEP Carlo Ciocca and former minister Roberto Castelli. To welcome the founder of the League on the notes of ‘Va pensiero’ the applause of the many militants who fill the hall. ‘Bossi, Bossi!’ shouted many. And again: ‘Boss, they’re all with you!’.

The room is full of militants and sympathizers with handkerchiefs, T-shirts and green flags: this is how the project strongly desired by the senatur to relaunch the autonomist drive after the flop of the Salvinian League in the latest policies makes its debut. While waiting for Bossi, the former deputy Paolo Grimoldi and the MEP Ciocca, chosen as coordinators of the Committee, take the floor. ”Bossi puts the Northern Committee in the field, which is the League’s Voltaren, to ensure that it returns to where it was born, in the North”, Ciocca began. At present there have been over a thousand adhesions and the goal is to go beyond 5 thousand, the organizers explain.

”Going around, many Lega militants asked me ‘Bossi, are you doing something, but how is it possible?’ . Ciocca interrupts him: ”That’s why you, Umberto, responded to the appeal ‘Bossi do something’ with the Northern Committee, you gave us a dream…”. ”We created the Northern Committee to renew the League and not to destroy it…”, the Senatur then assured.

”We created the Northern Committee because the time has come to stand up”, not only in light of the ”negative results” of the League in the latest policies. ”Over the years we have seen the identity of the League erased and if you erase the identity, you die… We had to wait for the electoral crisis to move freely. We need a strong and clear identity”, Bossi warned those present.

”We Lombards are brothers of the Venetians. To the Venetian brothers – warned the founder of the League – there is even a tendency to persecute them and this is not acceptable. Everything will be decided together…”.