Boyfriends killed in England, fundraising and prayer vigil

It was promoted by the parish of Rocco in Calderà in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

A prayer vigil and a fundraiser. The parish of Rocco in Calderà in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina) is mobilizing for the family of Nino Calabrò, the young man found dead together with his girlfriend Francesca Di Dio in an apartment in Thornaby, in North Yorkshire in Great Britain. The fundraising, launched on the platform, has already raised over 3,600 euros in just a few hours. Money that will be used for the repatriation of the body from England and subsequent funerals. The funeral should be celebrated in the Cathedral of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, the town in the Messina area where the young man’s parents are from. However, there is no certainty about the return of the coffin to Sicily.

“The autopsy on the bodies of the two boyfriends should be performed in the next few hours. It could take several days for the repatriation”, the mayor of Milazzo, Pippo Midili, told Adnkronos. For the day of the funeral, the mayor has ordered the city mourning. The young man’s family, in fact, lives right in the big center in the province of Messina. Mamma Salvina, however, is very close to the parish of Rocco in Calderà, which has organized a prayer vigil for next Thursday, starting at 7pm. “It is a way of showing our closeness to the family of our young son”. the parish priest Michele Maria Iorio tells Adnkronos. He the young Nino, who left home and Sicily three years ago to pursue her dream, did not know him.

However, his predecessor Father Alfonso Bruno remembers him well. “He was a dynamic boy, very sociable, a hard worker-he tells Adnkronos-. He was looking for his autonomy and his independence with determination, like so many guys from the South forced to go abroad to find a job stability”. Nino had done it too. He had embarked on cruise ships to work as a croupier and then found work in England. Despite his transfer, the bond with his family was very strong. “He heard from his sister and parents every day and came home as often as he could. He was always there for parties and important occasions”. No one could imagine what would happen in Thornaby’s flat.

“The whole community is dismayed by the heinous crime of one of his sons, in front of two young lives broken – says Father Alfonso -, two boys who wanted to build both a sentimental and a working future in a distant land”. Mamma Salvina is a catechist in the parish of Rocco in Calderà and a volunteer for the ‘Crescere Insieme’ association which takes care of the disabled. “He is one of the pillars of the laity in our parish”, underlines the priest. Nino’s grandmother and sister also attend the oratory. As well as his father, non-commissioned officer of the Guardia di Finanza. A family committed to social work and very active in the community.

“The parish is mobilizing in spiritual charity with prayer and vigil and with material solidarity to help the repatriation of the body through a fundraiser. Let us pray for these families destroyed by pain”, concludes Father Alfonso.

(by Rossana Lo Castro)