Bper assigns the ‘Resilience and innovation’ award to three SMEs from Bergamo

In Bergamo the last stage of ‘The economy of Italy’, awarded by Acerbis, Fiv and Sinergia

The last stage of the ‘The Economy of Italy‘, the journey of’ L’Economia ‘by Corriere della Sera to discover the industrial and production structures of the beautiful country promoted together with Bper Banca and other industrial partners. The choice of Bergamo was not accidental, explains a note released by the bank, also considering the title of the meeting ‘Resilience and innovation. The Lombardy model‘. An opportunity to compare personalities from institutions and industry on how it was possible to start over and turn the page after the tragic chapter of the pandemic that particularly affected this city. During the event, precisely to best represent the will to restart after the pandemic crisis the ‘Bper Banca Resilience and Innovation Award’ was awarded by the West Lombardy territorial director of the institute, Luca Gotti, to three excellences of the Bergamo area: Acerbis Italia, Fiv (known for the ‘Bianchi’ bicycles) and Sinergia.

After the intervention of the first citizen of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, who highlighted the difficulties of the two years of the pandemic, but also the strong collaboration and will to recover the territory, was interviewed Stefano Rossetti, deputy general manager of Bper Banca on how the presence of a bank with historical popular roots like Bper can give important support to the economic recovery. “The function of the banking system in helping to transfer the benefits of the NRP to the economic-productive fabric is fundamental. First of all – he said – to intercept the real decision-making centers, which will probably be centralized. So advocacy is needed, for which we have set up a specific working group “.

“Secondly – he continued – our task will be identify large clients, to then go and verify in the production chains what can be the support activity of the banking system. Part of the money arriving from Europe, in fact, will arrive in the work progress phase and there will be a need to advance a portion of the funds. And finally, there is another very important aspect on which we would like to contribute: impact, with qualified advice, on all those SMEs that, in order to access financing, must start structural investments in strategic areas like digital transformation and ecological transition “.

“Let’s not forget, then – said Rossetti – our expertise onexport, which we put at the service of companies both with a dedicated portal, where you can find all the relevant news for companies operating on international markets, and through our vast network of correspondents that allows us to work even in the most complex countries for business. We will make all this available to a region with a strong exporting vocation such as Lombardy “, he concluded

The three awarded companies are Acerbis Italy, an Italian company based in Albino (Bg). Founded in 1973 by Franco Acerbis as a manufacturer of plastic materials for the world of motorcycles, it subsequently expanded its production to other industrial sectors such as sportswear and accessories; FIV Edoardo Bianchi, a company that produces bicycles, ranks among the leaders of the international cycling market and boasts more than 125 years of history, which began in 1885. Since May 1997 it is part of the Cycleurope AB group, a Swedish company belonging to the Grimaldi Group, recognized as the most important world holding in the cycling sector; in the end Synergy, a private manufacturing company owned by the Balduzzi family, since 1996 engaged in the design and construction of machinery and plants for the production and treatment of compressed air and technical gases.

“It is an award that we want to attribute above all to the Bergamo production system, which has been able to best interpret the title of the ‘Resilience and innovation’ award. We have selected these three companies – explained Gotti in handing over the award – because they ‘iconize’ precisely these values ​​and are characterized not only by the recognized culture of work, but also by the ability to create products of excellence which successfully establish themselves on international markets. They have a history ranging from 130 to 25 years, so they also demonstrate their resilience on the time axis. But above all they are three beautiful stories also from a family and entrepreneurial point of view, certainly inspiring for all of us “.