Bper, Montani: “The well-being of workers is one of our objectives”

Trade union agreement signed between Bper and Carige for the harmonization of regulatory and remuneration treatments

“Tonight we found an important agreement with the unions. We have the same goal but we see it from different sides. We both want the well-being of the workers. Workers who do well in the bank are able to provide better customer service.” Thus Piero Luigi Montani, CEO of Bper Banca, at the end of the ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Bper Banca. It was an opportunity to announce the signing of a trade union agreement with the Carige group for the harmonization of regulatory and remuneration treatments to complete the merger by incorporation of Banca Carige and Banca Monte di Lucca into Bper. A bonus has been agreed, for all workers of the Bper group, equal to 250 euros in welfare (Lanterna prize) in recognition of the commitment to the success of the operation. In addition, the treatment of the so-called aligners is increased by 50 euros per die in welfare.

“The whole Genoese entourage of Carige welcomed the merger well and there was no resistance. We have been working on the growth of the bank for a year and today is just one more piece that is added to a path we had already activated – he continues. Montani – Every day we advance an inch but there are other steps we have to take, the bank must consolidate and be distinguished by customers as a reference bank. We are confident and we will do our best “, he concludes.