Bper, net profit of 704.6 million in the first six months: ‘core’ revenues +50% to 2.54 billion

Group consolidated results as at 30 June 2023 presented

Bper Banca closed the first half with a consolidated net profit of 704.6 million euros, while core revenues rose by 49.5% over the same period of 2022, reaching 2.540 billion euros. The data approved by the Board they show a significant growth of the interest margin to 1.545 billion (up 96.7% compared to 2022) while net fee and commission income amounted to 995.6 million. Bper reports the improvement in operating efficiency, with a cost income ratio of 51.3%, lower than both the 64.3% in June 2022 and the figure for the whole of 2022 (65.5%). Credit quality then improved with default rates still very low and an NPE ratio which stood at 2.7% gross (1.1% net), down on the end of 2022 and a coverage ratio of non-performing loans equal to 59.7% (at the end of 2022 it was 57.1%). The capital position also increased with a pro forma cet1 ratio of 14.0%, well above the srep requirement (8.5%).

Bper Banca shows that direct deposits from customers amounted to 113.7 billion euro (-1.0% in the half year). Among the main drivers, which partially offset the decline in current accounts (-8.3 billion) in the half year, were the good performances of term deposits (+1.9 billion), bonds (+2.1 billion) and certificates (+€0.5 billion) while the trend in deposits from repurchase agreements (+€2.1 billion) was positive.

Indirect deposits from customers rose to 166.0 billion (+1.7% in the half year); both assets under management, at 63.3 billion (+4.5%), and assets under administration, at 79.3 billion (+1.3%), which intercept the reinvestments of assets contribute to supporting the growth of the aggregate direct. The life insurance premiums portfolio amounted to € 23.4 billion (-1.6% in the quarter). In the quarter, gross loans to customers amounted to 91.3 billion (89.1 billion net loans), down by 2.4%.