Bper presents the new Strenna volume “Pagani Hypercars d’Author”

The Motor Valley has a magical history; Maserati was born over 100 years ago, followed by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, De Tomaso, Dallara and many other companies. For about 10 years B for Bank promotes volumes that tell the Italian motoring history, which has its beating heart in its territory of reference, Emilia. Before the pandemic, the book on the history of Dallara was presented, now it is the turn of the Pagani, a company born from the genius and dream of its founder Horacio Pagani, who from a small town in Argentina a few kilometers from Rosario, arrived in Modena, to build, as he said, “the most beautiful car in the world.” Today he is not the only one to say it, the Pagani’s author’s hypercars they are renowned and admired cars all over the world.

The volume published by Artioli is written by Daniele Buzzonetti and tells the story from its beginnings to today: “The collaboration with the Artioli house – explains the Deputy General Manager of Bper Banca Stefano Rossetti – is ten years old. We have inaugurated this series of motor books. even before the Motor Valley was born and today we celebrate another creator of this extraordinary land; a mix of competence, professionalism, a dreamlike part, and a great desire to arrive. If we look at the story of Horacio Pagani who at twenty had the will to say no to a Ferrari who wanted him in the workshop because he wanted to design the cars for them. These stories are just to be admired “.

The book in over 300 pages starts from the Pagani at a young age and from his dream, up to the Zonda the car that made him famous that practically coined the term Hypercars: “Pagani’s story is almost fictional – explains the author of the book Daniele Buzzonetti – because it is the story of a boy who at the age of 13-14 in Argentina he dreamed of building high-performance Gran Turismo cars, and of doing it in Modena. Which he then achieved, and this in itself is incredible. ” But how did a boy from Argentina realize himself in Modena which was already a land of engines. “He managed to arrive after his meeting with Juan Manuel Fangio – continues Buzzonetti – the great Argentine champion who was very well known here since he had raced for both Ferrari and Maserati. The champion wrote letters of recommendation to the car manufacturers for this talented young man. With Ferrari things did not go well, then he was hired by Lamborghini and from there his story began ”.

From 1988 Pagani decided to set up his own business and to buy, after obtaining a loan from a bank, the primary element for the business: an autoclave oven to cook the parts in carbon fiber. Modena Design was born, which later became Pagani Automobili, until 1999 when the Zonda C12 first car of the new brand appeared. “It is a great emotion to see the story of our small company told – comments Horacio Pagani – with all our collaborators, this book is a prize for everyone. The dream we had hasn’t changed. We want to do beautiful things, today we have the highest responsibility, because the higher the expectations of the customers, the company has grown but the dream is essential to move forward. ”

During the debate that followed the presentation of the book at the Monzani Forum in Modena, there was also talk of ecological transition and in particular of conversion to electric: “I don’t think it is currently a problem of sports cars – replied Pagani – I think there is a bit of demagoguery behind the electric car. Having said that we are already working and we will be able to make an electric car, make it beautiful and make it go fast and it will probably become an opportunity in the future. “