Bper signs protocol agreement with Ice

Bper Banca and Ice Agencythe body for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, have signed a three-year memorandum of understanding which proposes the start of a mutual collaboration relationship to support and guide the client companies of Bper Banca interested in operating in international markets. The agreement was signed this morning in Vicenza, at the “Vicenzaoro” European Exhibition, by the President of Bper Banca, Flavia Mazzarella, and by the President of Ice Agenzia, Carlo Ferro.

Bper Banca and Ice Agenzia thus undertake to cooperate in the areas of their competences, through specific training interventions aimed at developing technical-managerial and digital knowledge and skills in client companies, to increase the competitiveness of companies on foreign markets. Among these, the interest in “Smart Export”, The project dedicated to the introduction and consolidation of SMEs in international markets, which Bper Banca will promote among client companies in order to encourage free participation.

Among other activities, information actions will also be carried out aimed at Bper client companies to increase knowledge of business opportunities in foreign markets through, for example, the participation of Ice Agency officials-executives in conferences, seminars and webinars organized. by Bper Banca in order to present the Ice Agency services and programs in support of the internationalization processes of SMEs. Specific actions are also envisaged for the development of e-commerce and the inclusion on the Bper Banca Bperestero.it website of the link to the page www.ice.it, in order to promote knowledge of Ice Agenzia services among client companies. .

During this morning’s meeting, the President of Bper Banca Flavia Mazzarella stated: “We are very satisfied with the agreement reached with Ice Agenzia, which allows Bper Banca to increasingly act as a catalyst for the socio-economic fabric of reference, in support of initiatives capable of supporting businesses and employment, also within a dramatic international framework like the current one, which arouses strong emotion and concern in us. One of the main roles of banks is to capitalize on their vast wealth of knowledge of the entrepreneurial fabric. An example of this new business model is represented precisely by the advanced assistance in the internationalization processes of SMEs, which in turn is part of the Bper Group’s strategy to strengthen its positioning in the areas of management of international flows, in export operations and Trade Finance, in the management of financial risks on interest rates and exchange rates and in operations on the CBI platform “.

The President of Ice Agenzia, Carlo Ferro, he in turn affirmed: “Our country’s exports have restarted, but we look at the evolution of scenarios with even greater concern, due to the ongoing humanitarian drama and the economic uncertainties created by military tension. And in this context, the ability to create a system is even more fundamental. The agreement between Bper and Ice that we sign today is an integral part of our strategy which is divided into 19 new actions in the fields of digital, e-commerce, training, protection of made in Italy, with a minimum common multiple: attention to SMEs to assist them in the area, where they produce. We want to start from the territories and we want our services, for the most part free for companies with up to 100 employees, to be enjoyed in the widest and most widespread way possible. From today Bper Banca is our partner in this win-win process: for the offer of Bper itself, for the service to its customers and, last but not least, for the greater effectiveness of the action of Ice Agenzia. With the aim of bringing a greater number of SMEs to success on international markets, as their products deserve “.