Bper with PlusAdvance to optimize Supply Chain Finance

The Bper Banca Group formalizes the partnership with PlusAdvanceinnovative SME specialized in solutions for the optimization of working capital, to increase Confirming and Dynamic Discounting servicesin order to support its customers in optimizing working capital. Through the PlusAdvance cloud platformreads a note, companies will be able to automate, in a simple and immediate way, the management of the financing solutions offered by Bper, in particular thanks to Bper Factor, a Group company specialized in finding customized solutions to support supply chains.

In more detail, the collaboration between the group and PlusAdvance involves the use of different innovative services which are intended to make the circulation of liquidity of the bank’s corporate clients faster and more efficient: The Confirmingi.e. the use of ceilings already approved which allow customers to advance collections to suppliers and defer company payment times, and the Dynamic Discountingalready included in the Institute’s offer, which will guarantee companies to optimize liquidity by paying their suppliers in advance in exchange for a discount.

The cloud platform created by PlusAdvance, continues the note, offers solutions for optimizing the working capital of companies by efficiently exploiting all the solutions available on the market, including Dynamic Discounting, Confirming and Reverse Factoring services. The combination, through a single platform, of different financial services translates into a competitive advantage for centrally managing relationships between customers and suppliers and reducing operational complexity.

“We are proud to be able to support, thanks to the technology of our Supply Chain Finance platform, one of the most important banking groups in our country”, comments Massimiliano Gattari, CEO of PlusAdvance. “Improving the management of working capital remains one of the priorities for our companies, and this is why we continue to invest in extremely advantageous innovative solutions to enhance the liquidity of companies, which would otherwise risk being eroded by the increase in interest rates.”

David Vellani, head of Bper Banca’s Business and Global Transaction Department, adds: “Having entered into this partnership is a source of great satisfaction for us, which manages to offer our country’s companies a further strategic tool. As a Bank we have always shown close proximity to the Italian productive fabric, thanks to numerous initiatives and dedicated products. The agreement with PlusAdvance represents a further step forward in this sense, because we can make use of a technological and innovative partner who will make the various operating processes less onerous, improving efficiency in the use of the ceilings already approved”.

Matthew Bigarelli, Director of Bper Factor, finally underlines: “The use of the Plus Advance platform allows us to further enrich the range of innovative solutions offered by our Company in the context of support to the main production chains in the country. The agreement, in particular, goes to expand the service capacity by allowing a completely digitized user experience, in line with the characteristics of the proprietary Wip application which represents the front end core for managing operations with corporate customers”.