Brad Pitt told of a film with Sandra Bullock that never saw the light

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Brad Pitt he indulged in some revelations these days about a film he had planned to do with Sandra Bullock which has never been realized. The actor revealed that he and the actress we recently saw acting together in Bullet Train And The Lost Citythey would play one in this film divorced couple who are guests of QVC (QVC is a shopping and entertainment channel, which is active 364 days a year and where you can buy everything from fashion to DIY, from kitchen accessories to technology by phone).

The film never made

“I don’t know how to do it, unless it was a comedy,” Brad Pitt told British Vogue in an interview. “Actually, Sandy [Sandra Bullock] and I once tried to develop a script about a husband and wife couple successful sellers of QVCwho are about to divorce, they hate each other and fight even when they are on the air while they sell things … This is all we have to date of this project “explained the Hollywood star who paraded at the Venice Film Festival as manufacturer of Blondethe Netflix movie about Marilyn Monroe.

Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt, a partnership destined to last

Unfortunately for fans of Hollywood stars, the filming of the romantic comedy focused on QVC they never started, but Pitt and Bullock worked together on other films. Two only in 2022 as we said at the beginning of the article. In The Lost City, Bullock played the character of Loretta Sage, a bestselling but depressed author of bestselling novels. Her co-star in the action comedy was Channing Tatum, while Pitt played the role of Jack Trainer, an action man. In Bullet Train instead the actor played Ladybug, an experienced but unfortunate mercenary. Bullock’s character was Maria Bettle, Ladybug’s contact and manager who communicated with him only by phone to give instructions and make fun of his character and her actions.

Brad Pitt’s Wellbeing Project

Brad Pitt talked about this project with Sandra Bullock while advertising her line of essential skin care products at Le Domaine. In fact, a video turns on the web in which the actor shares his beauty routine. “I know there are new products almost every day that people try to launch,” said Pitt “but if I hadn’t noticed a real difference visually on my skin, I wouldn’t have bothered to create this line.”