Brad Pitt, with Angelina Jolie it’s over: now in his life there is a very famous woman

According to some American and international sites, after Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt would have a very, very well-known new flame.

It seems like yesterday and yet six years have passed since that time Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, decided to end their marriage. A separation that did not fail to bring with it several unpleasant implications including the ‘war’ in court for the custody of children.

Brad Pitt new partner (Credits: Youtube)

Based on indiscretions provided by one source a Page Six, the actress would not be willing to meet her ex-husband who would instead like to obtain joint custody of the six boys. The latter seem to be all in favor of the mother and only the sixteen year old Shiloh she would remain on good terms with her father.

Now, according to some overseas sites, the famous actor is dating a very famous woman and much younger than him. At the moment it would only be an acquaintance still in its infancy, but who knows if a serious and lasting story will not be born between the two. For Pitt it would mean leaving behind once and for all the long and intense history with the actress who plays Lara Croft, given that in recent years the acquaintances that the American star has undertaken post separation have never resulted in anything solid.

Ready to discover the identity of the one who could forever steal the heart of the most beautiful in Hollywood?

Brad Pitt turns the page after Angelina Jolie: who would be the new flame of the actor

In recent times, Brad Pitt has been paparazzi several times with a well-known supermodel and actress: it is even about Emily Ratajkowski. In addition to treading the most prestigious catwalks around the world, the girl is also an actress and entrepreneur: she has in fact her own line of swimwear, called Inamorata.

Even the two were spotted first in a “Parisian restaurant”, then at the Pearl Oyster Bear in New York. Let’s face it: it is quite unlikely that we will meet casually after a short time in two continents so far away!

There are 27 years of difference between the beautiful supermodel and the American movie star, but the lives of many famous people have taught us that the detail of age is certainly not enough to rule out a love story a priori. Ratajkowski is in fact 31 years old while Pitt is 58. She has recently separated from the actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom he had a son. The drastic decision comes after three years of marriage: she Emily she would have decided to leave him after the painful discovery of some betrayal by him.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Brad Pitta turns the page after Angelina Jolie (Credits: Instagram)

You knew Emily, didn’t you? How would you see her next to Brad?