Brandizzo massacre, Salvini: “Even one death at work is too many”. LIVE

The Minister for Infrastructure reports on the tragedy of 30 August in which five workers who were working on the tracks near the Piedmont station died, hit by a train: “Now clarify what happened”

“Even one death at work is too many, as institutions we have the duty to clarify what happened so that events like these do not happen again.” With these words, the Minister for Infrastructure Matteo Salvini opened the urgent information in the Chamber of Deputies on the Brandizzo tragedy where, on 30 August, a train hit and killed five workers who were working on the tracks near the Piedmont station. “The responsibilities that will emerge clearly cannot go unpunished”, added the minister.

“RFI among the best in the EU for the low number of accidents”

“RFI, like other Italian companies, is among the best places in Europe, according to the rankings, for the low number of accidents”, observed Salvini during the briefing.

Ministerial commission on the tragedy

Salvini, in recent days, appointed the ministerial commission on the tragedy that occurred on the Turin-Milan railway line. The body is led by the President of the Superior Council of Public Works Massimo Sessa. He will be supported, among others, by the competent directorates general and Ansfisa. The commission will be supported by a high-level technical committee, with university professors and infrastructure experts. The commission’s activity will end on December 31st.