Brandizzo train accident, Salvini: “No responsibility will go unpunished”

Information from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: “The human factor is decisive, there are no totally safe technologies”. And he adds: “Tragedy not linked to new procurement code”

Regarding the tragedy at the Brandizzo railway station, “the common commitment is that all responsibility is clarified as soon as possible. The responsibilities that emerge cannot go unpunished”. This was underlined by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, in an urgent information from the Government, reiterating “my personal closeness and that of the entire chamber to the families of Kevin, Giuseppe, Micael, Giuseppe and Giuseppe the five victims of the tragic accident of last August 30th. Even one death at work is too many and as institutions we have a duty to clarify what happened”.

Salvini explains that “in the context of railway maintenance There are no totally safe technologies today and reliable that allow us to ignore the correct behavior of people. We can have the protocols, the investments, the regulations, the controls, the professional training, but the human factor is decisive”.

And he adds: “Already on the morning of August 31st all the ministerial structures are at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ivrea, with which there is total harmony and collaboration. Furthermore, as minister, I also decided to set up another internal commission with the task of identifying the technical and organizational dynamics that generated the accident. The objective is to arrive at a final report within the next few weeks”.

On the “many comments regarding the new Subcontracting Code”, Salvini explains that “this tragic accident occurred this summer. The framework agreement between RFI and the CLF the Reggio Emilia cooperative, which then subcontracted to Sigifer, is of 2020. This incident is not related to contracts, legislation and procedure”. Therefore “there is no correlation between the new Procurement Code, which is effective for new contracts from 1 July 2023. However, the blame for accidents on construction sites cannot be attributed generically to other regulations, contracts or subcontracts, given that the rule will have its effects in the months and years to come. The rule on subcontracting inserted in the new Procurement Code on the initiative of the Council of State and at the request of the EU to avoid an infringement proceeding, which without this rule would be been opened at the expense of Italy”.