Brawl on Crisanti: Letta defends him, Salvini and Renzi counterattack

From the Lega to Italia Viva, many reactions to the candidacy. The dem leader: “On the right the NoVax culture prevails”

The brawl had already begun yesterday, after the announcement by the Democratic Party of Andrea Crisanti’s candidacy in the European constituency, heavily criticized in particular by the center right. “The viro-star today says: ‘I have been a member of the PD for six years’, until yesterday he was a virologist, a scientist, a super technician above all parties. Between him and Speranza, now we understand many things …”, wrote Matteo Salvini. Today the harsh reply of the virologist, who attacks on Radio Capital: “Salvini? If we had been in his hands, now there would be 300 thousand victims of Covid instead of 140 thousand”.

Many reactions from the Northern League. “No moral lesson from Crisanti who, while the League-led Regions were at the forefront of fighting an unexpected and unprecedented battle against a virus then unknown, was engaged in his TV show with purposes now known to all”, says Massimiliano Romeo , leader of the League in the Senate.

The Democratic Party takes the defense of the virologist: “Whoever attacks Andrea Crisanti attacks the history and beauty of our community abroad. He, the son of a single mother, was able to study thanks to the financial help of an uncle who emigrated to America and knows very well the hardships of Italians at abroad. For this reason, those who attack him scar the stories of our compatriots, showing that they have no respect for our country “. To say it is Lia Quartapelle, of the Pd secretariat.

The clash moves to social media when the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta intervenes directly: “The hail of reactions to the Crisanti candidacy makes it clear that the NoVax culture prevails on the right. Crisanti is right, if Salvini and Meloni had ruled in 2020 how many thousands more deaths would we have had? Do we remember them opening, opening, opening …” , is the very harsh comment of the dem leader who then, in another twitter following the first, also opens the front with the third pole, responding directly to the leader of Italia viva Matteo Renzi, who had criticized Crisanti, saying, “if he wins the line of Pd Crisanti at the first cold we all end up in quarantine “. “The merits of the Crisanti candidacy. Everyone says what they really think of the greatest tragedy of recent times.”
Matteo Salvini, shortly after, does not reply to Letta but, also on Twitter, writes: “‘Crisanti? An expert on mosquitoes’. Prof. Giorgio Palù, an internationally renowned virologist from Padua and president of the Italian Medicines Agency, speaks of the ‘tele-virologist’, now a candidate for the PD”. And Salvini adds a short video in which Professor Palù declares: “Crisanti is not a virologist, he has never published virology works, and in the last 10 years he hasn’t even published microbiology works, but he is an expert on mosquitoes”. Then, in the interview with Versiliana, he adds: “One of these televirologists says that with Salvini there would have been hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid … I do not answer, at least out of respect for the numerous victims of the Coronavirus, that I do not they should be used as electoral merchandise by some pseudo professor who does not deserve an answer … The insults of Letta, Renzi and televirologists do not interest me … ”.

From the Action-Italia viva alliance, the first to tweet is Carlo Calenda, who addresses Enrico Letta directly: “We have supported all the measures taken by the various governments with loyalty. We were born talking about healthcare in November 1919. In my opinion, applying virologists is wrong because during the pandemic they often went too far in leading the way. Do not exploit the pandemic. Thank you” .

Then the series of tweets by exponents of Italia viva, and finally that of Matteo Renzi: “And even today Letta attacks me. Tiger eyes is becoming monotonous. In these 60 seconds I explain the differences between him and me on the pandemic. He Count and the Russian army. I Draghi and General Son”.