Brazil, Bolsonaro does not want to return and asks for a tourist visa from the US

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has no plans to return to his country. Bolsonaro has been in Florida since last December 31, when he had reached the United States to avoid paying homage to the new president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is about to take office.

Until now Bolsonaro has benefited from the visa granted to diplomats and heads of state, which expires today. Already last Friday, however, the former Brazilian president made the request for a tourist visa to be able to stay in the US for another six months. The request will be evaluated in the next two months, in which Bolsonaro will be able to continue living in Florida.

A will, that of remaining away from one’s own country for a few more months, which can be explained above all by the recent controversies against the former head of state, under investigation as the instigator of the assault on the Brazilian Congress on 8 January, carried out by his supporters.

The words of the lawyer

Regarding Bolsonaro’s request to obtain a simple tourist visa, his lawyer Felipe Alexandre also expressed his opinion, underlining how his client “needs a little stability”.

“He has nothing to fear – continued Alexandre – he intends to clarify his ideas and become a tourist in the US before deciding what his next step will be”.

A life, that of a visitor, which Bolsonaro seems to like a lot, at least according to the words of the lawyer: “Being a tourist is the ideal solution. Here he relaxes, he already has his own community of Brazilians and admirers, he can eat his beloved steaks in the steak house, milkshakes”. If he were to obtain a visa, Bolsonaro would not be able to work from the US and therefore what his “professional” future could be in the long term remains unknown.