Brazil, Bolsonaro’s plan to overthrow Lula appears

Found a plan drawn up by the former president

In the home of former Brazilian justice minister Anderson Torres, the federal police found a plan drawn up by former president Jair Bolsonaro to overturn the result of the 2022 elections which brought Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to victory. This was reported by the Brazilian media speaking of an unconstitutional document. According to Folha de S.Paulo, the document was found in the former minister’s closet during a search. The text would have been drawn up after the holding of the elections that decreed the victory of Lula.

According to the president, ”The presidential palace” in Brasilia, last January 8, ”was full” of Bolsonaro loyalists. It was his staff, Lula suspects, who were ‘accomplices’ of the insurrectionists, who opened the doors to ‘let in the crowd’. During a press conference in Planalto, Lula explained that he will carry out an ” in-depth screening ” of the employees to verify his suspicion of him, ie that ” many people were accomplices, many people in the military police were accomplices. There were many people in the armed forces here in the building who were accomplices”. The in-depth investigation will be useful because “no one who is suspected of being an irreducible Bolsonarista can be allowed to stay in the building,” Lula said.

In the meantime, the president defended his defense minister José Múcio after the criticisms expressed by numerous exponents of the Workers’ Party who accused him of having underestimated the signals that foreshadowed the assault on the institutions of Brasilia. ”I trust him and for this he will continue to be my minister”, Lula said. “I have the deepest respect for him and he will continue in his office. If I had to change minister every time they make a mistake, it would be the biggest manpower turnover in Brazil’s history,” said the Brazilian president.