Brazil, bombs to prevent Lula from taking office: Bolsonaro supporter arrested

Foiled a plan to wreak havoc and cause the military to intervene

Create chaos for prevent the inauguration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva scheduled for January 1st. This is the goal of a man arrested by the Brazilian police on suspicion of having planted explosives in a tanker truck full of fuel near the Brasilia airport. According to local press reports, the man, whose name is George Washington de Oliveira Sousa, is a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right president who has not acknowledged defeat by the progressive ex-president.

The alarm was triggered by the driver of the truck who found the bomb before Oliviera Sousa managed to detonate it, thus allowing the arrest of the man who was indicted for terrorism. When questioned by the police, the man admitted that the bomb was part of a plan to “break out chaos” and thus “prevent the advent of communism in Brazil”.

Other supporters of Bolsonaro took part in the conspiracy who, since the day of the far-right president’s defeat on October 30, have protested in front of army headquarters asking the latter to intervene to prevent Lula’s return to leadership of the country.

The plan, Oliveira Sousa confessed again, was of place at least two more bombs in strategic locationsin order to push for the declaration of a “state of siege in the country” and “provoke the intervention of the armed forces”, reports the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

In the apartment of the arrested person, who works at a gas station in the state of Para, was found an arsenal of weapons worth about 160,000 reales (31,000 dollars). Oliveira Sousa said that it was Bolsonaro who pushed him to accumulate this arsenal, who said that “an armed people will never be enslaved”. And that the plan was to distribute weapons to people who are still camped out in front of the barracks to protest.

The thwarted plot has further raised tensions in Brazil, with security forces tightening and reevaluating all security measures for next Sunday’s inauguration ceremony. Intano Flavio Dino, who will be the justice minister of the next government, declared that “the serious events in Brasilia prove how the camps of the so-called ‘patriots’ are incubators for terrorists”. “There will be no amnesty for terrorists, their supporters and financiers,” he added on Twitter.