Brazil-Serbia, Richarlison extinguishes ‘Serginho syndrome’

A masterpiece goal and the striker takes the selecao

Richarlison becomes the face of super Brazil, which knocks out Serbia 2-0 and presents itself at the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The 25-year-old Tottenham striker wins the match with a brace and in particular with the wonderful second goal: left foot stop, scissors right footed and ball into the net. With the one-two, Richarlison silences the criticisms, removes the ‘Serginho syndrome’ – the low profile striker who was out of tune in the stellar Brazil of 1982 – and repays the trust of coach Tite, who brought him to Qatar preferring him to a big name like Firmino.

The current selecao has immense offensive potential. Alongside Neymar, the undisputed kingpin, there is a squad of players of the highest level. Vinicius, Gabriel Jesus, Rodrygo. There is no shortage of options, Richarlison has to deal with ruthless competition and the first hour of the game against Serbia didn’t help his quotations: the two flashes, and in particular the cover goal, give him a starting shirt with every odds for the next 90 minutes.

Richarlison plays in Antonio Conte’s Tottenham and so far has not had a memorable season: 2 goals in 15 appearances, with goals scored against Marseille in the Champions League and no center in the Premier League. The striker has been in England since 2017, when he wore the Watford shirt. Then, a four-year spell at Everton (2018-2022) before joining Spurs.