Brazil, the writer Lucchesi: “Bolsonaro’s Taliban have struck the country to the heart”

The president of the Rio Library, “crisis that starts from Rousseff’s impeachment, Lula will save us”

“I’m in shock. We all knew riots were planned, but we never thought they could reach such sheer levels of barbarism.” Marco Lucchesi replies to Adnkronos while he is in the car. In the eyes of the Italian-Brazilian writer originally from Massarosa (province of Lucca), a few days ago appointed by President Lula to lead the National Library of Rio de Janeiro, the eighth most important in the world, still has images of the onslaught of followers of former president Jair Bolsonaro, whom he called “Taliban”, to the palaces of power in Brasilia and is in flood.

What has led to this situation, explains the writer who has been teaching at the university for 30 years and has recently spent at ‘L’Orientale’ in Naples, has “deep” roots. Born “from the coup against former president Dilma Rousseff”, in 2016 she was relieved of her office with an impeachment procedure based on the alleged irregularity of some tax maneuvers, and passes from Lula’s arrest by order of judge Sergio Moro, a figure ” very reprehensible” who wanted to “criminalize” the current president, who was later cleared of all charges. “Rousseff had foreseen everything, she had already denounced the existence of a project to destroy everything that represented democracy and the culture of peace”, highlights Lucchesi, pointing the finger in no uncertain terms at Bolsonaro and his “‘pars destruens’ “. It is on him, he stresses, that all the political responsibility for what happened falls.

“He had announced that he would destroy everything and I must say that he was good at this. It is the only promise he has kept”, says Lucchesi ironically, adding that “what the Barbarians did not do, the Barberinis did”, his “completely insane” supporters. Now for the writer it will first of all be necessary to investigate the behavior of a part of the security forces, presumably colluding with the rioters. Otherwise, he says, it would not be possible to explain how “parts of the federal and military police failed to see the buses that arrived in large numbers and the written messages” of those who organized the assault on places of power. “It was a blow to the heart of the country, as if in Italy the Quirinale, Palazzo Madama, Montecitorio and the Cassation were invaded by these Taliban who polluted and destroyed the signs of art that dialogues with politics,” he declares.

‘Bolsonaro is enormously responsible but as a coward he does not assume it’

At the basis of yesterday’s revolt, Lucchesi continues, there is a cultural mass made up of “closed-ended and unsympathetic” elites inspired by the ideology of former US president Donald Trump and by “evangelical churches linked to the theology of prosperity that are hungry for power and according to which the more money you have, the more you are loved by God”. A far-right project based on a “great ignorance” in which Bolsonaro was represented as “the follower of God who had a mission to accomplish” against communism.

“Bolsonaro, whose responsibility for yesterday’s events is enormous but as a coward he does not assume it, was the base and shameful consequence of this project to drag Brazil towards the extreme right, emptying it of its riches like oil”. adds Lucchesi, according to whom the demonstrators who took action “want dictatorship and have crazy religious ideas”.

The writer, who lives in Niteroi near Rio de Janeiro, then recounts the difficult years experienced in the country during the pandemic and the “personal threats” received by supporters of Bolsonaro, known for his denial positions.

‘Italian citizenship? That Bolsonaro is not an upside down Cesare Battisti

“At that time I was president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters and I took initiatives that had a political cost – he recalls – The government did not want to provide the death tolls of the Covid and then, even if it was not our job, we organized a daily table with the number of dead. We then published interviews with scientists on the Academy website, who spoke of the need to get vaccinated, and we put the flags in mourning when the victims were particularly numerous. I had created an anti-Bolsonarist nucleus”.

Regarding the news according to which Bolsonaro would like Italian citizenship to escape some accusations, Lucchesi hopes that Italy “does not host him on its territory because it would be a contribution to the loss of civilization and a deep wound. That Bolsonaro is not a Cesare Battisti upside down. Brazil made a mistake there and let’s hope that Italy doesn’t make the same mistake”.

The president of the Rio Library is convinced that Brazil will be “saved” by Lula, who already in the previous mandate had created “many universities”, improving the conditions of “equal opportunities” and opening universities to blacks. “What hurt us is that Brazil was taking an important path. Now is the time to rebuild and dismantle the anti-democratic pollution of Bolsonaro and his followers – he concludes – Without a shadow of a doubt we will recover. With Lula finally the dream is back on the political agenda and we are starting to breathe again. We will bring Brazil to the levels it deserves and we will return to a people hungry for books and dreams”.