Brendan Fraser took a stand on Batgirl’s cancellation

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Not many people know this but in the early 1990s, when producing a superhero movie was still considered half a gamble, a German producer created a low-budget film about The Fantastic Four. Bernd Eichinger’s idea was to produce a film of even the lowest quality but that would allow him not to lose the rights to the heroes of the Marvel comic. The result was never officially released but, a couple of years later, pirated copies of the film appeared on the market, earning over time the title of “sculpt” for many fans. We don’t know if even Batgirl one day he will experience a similar unpredictable resurrection but certainly all the cast that participated in this project aborted one step away from the release a little ‘if they wish. To date it is difficult to hypothesize a happy ending for the film, which in reality was anything but a work without ambitions, as the names involved testify. Among these also the actor Brendan Fraser who made himself clear, not hiding his disappointment at the end of the story.

For Brendan Fraser, the film had an audience of its own

On the occasion of his presence at the Toronto International Film Festival, Brendan Fraser spoke for the first time about the affaire Batgirl, canceled after the merger between Discovery and Warner Bros which had changed the management of the company. One of Discovery’s managers, Gunnar Wiedenfels, spoke of the choice made a few days ago explaining how the film had been canceled due to the studio’s desire to “favor blockbusters destined for the big screen”. Fraser did not comment directly on the quality of the work but highlighted how, according to him, there was also an audience for Batgirl, and he did it bluntly: “Well, stop talking about it just because Gunnar Wiedenfels doesn’t want people to stop thinking about it, that’s what I’ve read… it’s disappointing. Fans really wanted to see this movie. Leslie Grace is a force. The film was shot and conceived for a smaller screen. In this age of being distributed on both streaming services and theaters, that ended up being the classic canary in the coal mine. What have we learned from this? To work with trusted directors, such as Darren (Aronofsky) ”.

Michael Keaton diplomat, the angry and mysterious star and the fake trailer

Not exactly the most diplomatic of the answers that of the star who, after having relaunched himself with The Whale directed by Darren Aronofsky and moved to Venice, he was ready to embark on a new challenge: playing the insane arsonist Firefly, the main antagonist of Batgirl. More politically correct was the statement by Michael Keaton, who would return for the occasion to wear the Batman suit after more or less thirty years from the last time in Tim Burton’s films: “I think it was an economic decision. I have to assume it was the correct one. I honestly don’t know what to say. […] When will you see my Batman again? Maybe even later tonight if you’re lucky enough! Joke. I do not know. We will see. But it was nice. Fun. I really have no idea ”.

Another star of the film, who remained anonymous, also commented on the film, who called the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav in no uncertain terms “an idiot” at IndieWire. “I am very offended by what happened and I feel really bad for the directors and for Leslie Grace, with whom we have all worked wonderfully, as well as with all the technicians. It was a huge and rewarding challenge to make this film during Covid and the Glasgow cold. But none of these things matter to an idiot like David Zaslav. His cowardice is breathtaking. I am happy to have participated and I wish the best to everyone who was involved, except the white-collar workers at Warner Bros .. But all are replaced sooner or later “, said the anonymous source making it clear how the unique screening for those who have participated in the film was not enough for all as partial compensation. Meanwhile, one of the directors of the film Adil El Arbi used his social networks to share a fake trailer of the film, created on the internet by the artists of Corridor Digital by mixing their footage and fragments of other films. A credible and fascinating work that only increases the regret in the fans for what could have been.