Brevetti, Spada (Assolombarda): “Government and Municipality play together for the Court in Milan”

Assolombarda takes to the field in the battle to bring the third seat of the European patent court to Italy in Milan after the exit of Great Britain from the Union. The association of industrialists launches an appeal to the institutions to team up so as not to let slip an objective considered of primary importance not only for the city of Milan, but for the whole country system.

” I hope – President Alessandro Spada tells Adnkronos – that the Government and the Municipality of Milan will know how to play this game as protagonists: to obtain the third seat of the Patent Court, as long as it maintains jurisdiction over all the patent dispute matters assigned to London, such as those on the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, would benefit the country system and encourage the productive fabric to innovate more ”.

There are only a few months to go before the patent court starts: it will start on April 1, 2023 and for now there are two designated offices, Paris and Monaco. The third is still missing. Milan has been a candidate for some time. The numbers that our country can boast are a respectable business card. Not only because on a general level it is in the world top ten in terms of number of patents. Italy in the pharmaceutical sector is in first place in Europe with a production of over 31 billion euros and, in the chemical sector, with more than 2,800 companies, it represents the third European producer after Germany and France.

” Milan is the ideal city to host the third headquarters of the Unified Patent Court – says Spada – the reason does not only concern the number of patents that are processed each year in the area, but its vocation to invest in research and development. It is a peculiarity that has become a distinctive trait of Milan’s DNA ”. The city, according to the president ” thanks also to its enlarged territory, is in fact a crossroads of knowledge and skills. Industry, universities and hospitals develop here those synergies that are crucial for Italy today and that put personal health at the center ”. And it is in “ this logic, with the institutions and other actors of the territory, even in the past, we have strongly supported this candidacy, a clear indication, ours, of which today we are even more strenuous supporters and we also think about the benefits we would achieve. in terms of attractiveness and competitiveness ”.