Brexit, agreement reached between the EU and the United Kingdom on the borders of Northern Ireland

The new agreement has been reached between the EU and the UK on the Northern Ireland Protocol, the 2020 customs and trade agreement to keep the land border between Ulster (GB) and the Republic of Ireland open Ireland (EU) after London leaves the Union with Brexit. This is what we learn from sources familiar with the negotiations. “The agreement has been reached, the deal is done,” echoed a high-ranking exponent of the Tory government quoted by the BBC. The announcement came on the sidelines of the summit in Windsor between British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Confirmation from EU sources also arrived shortly after. The charter signed by Sunak and von der Leyen is called the “Windsor Framework”: Sunak himself made it known in the joint press conference, speaking of “a decisive turning point” capable, in his words, of both keeping the borders open with the Republic of Ireland as required by the Good Friday peace is to remove all barriers in the transit of internal goods between Ulster and the rest of the United Kingdom.

The revised protocol in the official Brussels version

According to anticipations, the protocol is being revised – although not technically modified, in the official version of Brussels intended to safeguard the initial EU position contrary to a formal change of the text – through a series of new shared interpretations. Interpretations of a substantial nature with respect to the requests for lightening made by London of the originally envisaged commitments: starting with the cancellation of the routine checks imposed on paper by the Protocol in the initial version for goods in transit between Northern Ireland (remained tied to market rules single European even after Brexit, in order to be able to keep the border with the Republic of Ireland open according to the provisions of the historic Good Friday peace of 1998) and the British internal market, through a new automatic system of “red” and “red” lanes greens”.