BrianzAcque, 95% waste and 100% purification sludge recovered

Recovery of 95% of waste produced and 100% of sewage sludge which, with 6,500 tons in terms of dry matter, constitute the main waste of the purification process of the integrated water cycle. Maximum commitment to stem the effects of intense rainfall events, increasingly frequent through the construction of volanization tanks for the containment of rainwater, the strengthening of sewage networks and the optimization of flood drains. These are some of the data from Sustainability Report 2020 by BrianzAcque, which records excellent performances on the circular economy front with the reuse and transformation of residues from the industrial processing process and which, once again, sees the public water company of Brianza, the protagonist of contrasting the consequences of climate change with respect to to the territory and the community.

The document condenses the results of the company policies implemented by the water company in compliance with environmental and social protection and economic development. Now in its fifth edition, the tool represents the continuation of a path aimed at making the internal organizational culture and the measurement and communication systems of the company machine and its stakeholders grow in a logic of continuous consolidation. Not just simple numbers, but the complete illustration and report of a corporate vision that has long been an element of qualifying and recognized excellence beyond the Monza and Brianza area. A European-style liveliness and corporate dynamism, which aim to achieve the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 and contribute to the sustainable development of the community and the territory served. 13 out of 17 goals intercepted by policies and actions promoted by BrianzAcque.

For us, sustainability has never been a facade word, but a concrete and very specific commitment, which we have taken on for some time and which is an integral part of our corporate mission – declares the president and CEO of BrianzAcque, Enrico Boerci – Even in a dramatic and challenging year, which saw us cope with the emergency generated by the pandemic, the water company of all Brianza has been a model of resilience, accelerating those environmental, economic and social processes that allow us to qualify as builders of sustainability “.

Industrial management of water, a precious and fundamental but not unlimited resource, is a constant commitment that we carry out with professionalism and great passion – he adds – from actions to prevent and limit the damage caused by climate change to innovative choices and investments to reduce environmental pollution and energy consumption, from activities in favor of the circular economy to that to help relaunch the economic development of Brianza . We are a team at the service of the territory and the community and never, as in 2020 and, in this 2021, at the service of our mayors and municipalities “.

Additional indicators of common interest emerge from the sustainability report, including those relating to the quality of the water distributed: almost all of the water fed into the network is of underground origin (95%) and therefore withdrawn from the wells for an annual quantity of 111.8 million cubic meters. Also in 2020, the company did not receive non-potability ordinances, confirming the excellent performance that characterized the previous years of management, during which there were never any suspensions of the service or interruptions due to quality problems of the H20 introduced. in the networks of managed aqueducts.

To always better monitor the quality of the distributed water resource, a accurate control plan with 6,758 samples taken and 173,393 parameters analyzed against the 164,682 of the previous year. With a view to the prevention and safety of drinking water supplies, the Wsp (water safety plans) have also been launched, the progressive application of which will make it possible to further increase the level of reliability.

BrianzAcque’s attention to the environment is then confirmed by educational projects in compulsory schools and in the promotion of eco-sustainable lifestyles. One number above all: the local water manager distributed 15,150 water bottles in schools, much requested and appreciated in the Covid era not only as a tool to contrast disposable plastic, but as a personal ecological container, to be taken to class and from which to drink safely. The park of water houses also falls under this heading, which to alleviate the inconvenience caused by the pandemic have worked and continue to dispense water at no cost.

Thanks to water self-services, it was possible to avoid the emission of 1.9 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the ecological transition and the achievement of the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030, since 1917, the local water manager has been purchasing certified green electricity from 100% renewable sources. If this were not the case, emissions would be four and a half times higher than today.

The company also paid the utmost attention to employees by investing in health and safety with over 2,600 hours of training. With respect to the economic dimension, the financial statements show that of the 102 million euros of value generated (+ 10.6% compared to 2018, a good 75.9 million, or 74% was redistributed to the local area and stakeholders. “Very important – he concludes Giuseppe Mandelli, CFO of the company – is the role of BrianzAcque in the digitization of the territory. Most of the investments have been aimed at updating the networks and systems of a traditional sector such as that of water, transforming them in an increasingly modern perspective, smart and green “.