BrianzAcque celebrates 20 years with 2 days of events

In Monza, in Villa Reale, on 14 and 15 December

The programme, contents and guests of ‘The sensitive magic of water’ have been revealed, a project-event conceived and curated by architect Alessia Galimberti for the twenty years of BrianzAcque which, on 14 and 15 December, will mark the highlight of the open celebrations last June and continued throughout these months. The event, open to the public, will be hosted by the halls of the Royal Palace of Monza, duly set up and ready to come alive for the two days of talks, installations and artistic performances which will aim to provide inspiration on the theme of water, a common good and universal, essential for life.

The program includes a succession of moments of discussion between institutions, the academic, entrepreneurial and professional worlds with guests, personalities from the fields of art, sport, politics, fashion, music and ‘insiders’ who have stories to tell and share. “Since this spring we have been saying that 20 years of the future is something more than a slogan. It is our way of interpreting a history that has always been about openness to innovation, comparison with different worlds and listening to citizens and administrators” underlined Enrico Boerci, president and CEO of BrianzAcque.

For this reason, he added, “today, we have kept the promise of a few months ago and launched a multi-channel and borderless path, as water is and as our company has always been. A book, a great international event in Palace of all the Brianza and many other surprises that we will reveal in the coming weeks and on 14 and 15 December. Because this 2023 is not an arrival but a departure. Indeed, an acceleration towards 20 years of future squared”.

“Providing inspiration on the topic of sustainability and the link between water and climate change, as well as making clear the difficulty of describing ‘what water was’ and ‘what it is’ by showing the variability of meanings attributed to it, are the objectives of this project-event. We will address topics apparently far from the world of water such as: design, architecture, hospitality, fashion, art, sport and music. The union, comparison and synergy of the different sectors with the element of water will bring reflections and considerations on human well-being” added Alessia Galimberti, art director and board member of BrianzAcque.

For the special occasion, the doors of the Palace will open to the community in which BrianzAcque was born, grew and developed until entering the panel of the main water operators and, this year, obtaining the Top Utility award as best public service company in Italy. Everyone will be able to follow the live talks with around a hundred speakers. To register, simply log in via the Eventbrite platform at the link Availability while places last. Access to registration allowed starting tomorrow.

The project ‘The sensitive magic of water’ also resulted in a book signed by Alessia Galimberti. The text, intended to underline and enhance BrianzAcque’s relationship with the territory, collects the thoughts of the mayors of Brianza. A puzzle of reflections that photograph the primary importance of water resources. The volume will be available online on the website