BrianzAcque focuses on drainage systems and water parks

As was amply illustrated during the event entitled ” Ecological Transition. Against climate change, BrianzAcque and the strategy of nature-based solutions ”, BrianzAcque to the green infrastructure activity already in place or under construction, it is ready to add a new element: i SuDS, an acronym for Sustainable Drainage Systems. Translated: Sustainable Drainage Systems. These are solutions born in Great Britain in the nineties, but still poorly known and widespread in Italy. Visually they are flower beds, parking lots, squares equipped with vegetation systems that, beyond the urban furnishing functions, allow the infiltration of rainwater into the soil, reducing the risk of flooding and the formation of heat islands with an improvement in the microclimto.

Not only. Soil de-waterproofing and surface greening works perform important ecosystem functions: they favor the regeneration of places, they help to reduce water pollution through the mixed action of plants, soil and microorganisms, they support the protection of biodiversity, another key tool in the environmental sustainability strategy. And they generate economic and social value. BrianzAcque with its industrial organizational structure and consolidated know-how in water resource management will carry out – among the first water operators in the country – two interventions co-financed by the Lombardy Region in the historic heart of two municipalities of Brianza: Bovisio Masciago And Cesano Maderno. In both cases, the road axes involved will undergo a metamorphosis with a redevelopment and significant embellishment of the urban context and landscape, a strengthening of the natural capital with positive impacts on the quality of the environment and the daily life of citizens. Once completed, the SuDS in via Matteotti in Bovisio Masciago will give new life to over a kilometer of road and will be the largest in the country.

The Vice President of the Province of Monza and Brianza, Riccardo Borgonovohas explained: ” The strategies envisaged by the NbS can be integrated with the actions indicated in our variant to the PTCP for the containment of land consumption, giving priority to urban and territorial regeneration interventions, allowing us to have governance tools for urban planning forecasts concerning the quality of life and the enhancement of ecosystem services and the requalification of soils. The MB Province with the Plan for Brianza is identifying a system of urban planning strategies on a supra-local scale to define a new integrated, planned and shared territorial model “.

Faced with a weather whose effects are now increasingly unpredictable, such as complementary structures to the more than 25 flywheel tanks (gray infrastructures) built from 2014 to today and capable of collecting and retaining excess rainwater and then releasing it once it ceases the precipitation, BrianzAcque in October 2021 in Arcore inaugurated the prototype of “Water Park“. This is a pilot project which, using the same principle of containing the water of the underground rolling basins, presents a green format: meadows and paths to walk on, water features, urban gardens. A work conceived as an opportunity to reconstruct the environment and landscape with the ambition of promoting a new ecological culture and offering functions for community and participatory use.

In these days, work is being completed on a second Water Park, double the size of that of Arcore and set in a sports area between Bernareggio and Carnate, in the Vimercatese area of ​​Brianza. By the end of the year, the construction site for the construction of a third “public garden” between Sulbiate and Aicurzio will start: extending over an area of ​​52 thousand square meters, it will be the largest of the three “twin” works. Models of excellence which, where possible, will be replicated in other parts of Brianza and also exported elsewhere. With the water parks as with the SuDS, Brianza and Lombardy prove to be once again at the top of environmental innovation and sustainability in Italy and in the world.