Briatore offers work at Twiga and Bonelli accepts: “There is one condition…”

The back and forth between the manager and the deputy continues

Flavio Briatore ‘offers’ a job at Twiga to MP Angelo Bonelli. The Green and Left Alliance parliamentarian accepts on one condition in the new episode of the prolonged back and forth between the manager and the politician starting from the beach concessions. The clash, between declarations and social media, has been going on for days. Bonelli accuses Briatore of being a ‘patriot in Monte Carlo’, Briatore replies by stating that ‘Bonelli is useless’. In the last few hours, new episode.

“People like Bonelli have never worked, they don’t know what a job interview means, they don’t know what it means to train people. They have no idea what it means to work”, Briatore tells Libero before making a proposal : “Come and work with us for three months. Then you will realize what it means to work.”

Bonelli replies. “I accept Briatore’s proposal to work at Twiga compatibly with my parliamentary commitments, and we will see each other this summer in his bathing establishment”, he says. “But I accept on one condition, that he brings his residence back from Monte Carlo to Italy so he can pay taxes in the country where he was born”, he adds, offering assistance for a new episode of the saga.