Briatore’s son is already the CEO, his bio on Instagram makes the news

He refers to him as the CEO of Billionaire Bears nft. Already in 2019 Flavio said: “The university is not needed”

A bio on Instagram that is worth news and bounces on the web. Because if you are 12, you are the son of Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraciand you are already listed as the CEO of a company it means that your present is already your future. Nathan Falco Briatore163 thousand followers on the social network, is the CEO of Billionaire Bears nft.

To understand what it is, you need to take a look at the site that promotes the billionaire bears that move around the Metaverse. “Billionaire Bears aims to be an exclusive NFT community and a hotspot for business and connections. Billionaire Bears give you access to exclusive parties, luxury concierges, luxury giveaways and more!”.

The fact that Briatore’s son is one of the youngest CEOs in the world is consistent with the approach of his education that his father has always had in mind. In 2019, an interview of the entrepreneur made noise in Oggi. The son was 8 years old but his fate was already sealed; no university and an early career as a manager. “Falco knows that at 14 he will go to boarding school in Switzerland to go to high school. Then after graduation he will come to work with me”. No doubt. “What if he wants to go to university? I don’t see the reason: I’ll be the one to train him.”

Three years ago the father already imagined the first steps that his son is taking today. “He knows he will have a responsibility too. I am raising him by showing him the importance of a good team. If you work well, you get paid very well, if you don’t, you are out. It is meritocracy and nothing more …”. While waiting for new assignments, he starts with billionaire bears and the metaverse. With a bio on Instagram that is already in the news.