Bridge over the Strait, Salvini: “By the summer of 2024 work will begin”

The Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister: “+ 5-6 billion a year for Sicilians, progress on infrastructure on the island”

“The Bridge (over the Strait, ed.) was born as a rule in December 1971, it was not born, there was Aldo Moro Minister of Foreign Affairs, it has already cost the Italians several hundred million euros, between projects, delays, bankruptcies, lawsuits. Now, by 31 July 2024, according to the timetable, I intend to have the executive project approved and to start the works by summer 2024”. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister Matthew Salvini at ‘Radio Anch’io’ on Rai Radio 1.

“We are updating the costs, yesterday in the Council of Ministers we approved the return to life of a company called the Strait of Messina, which will drop from 9 to 5 members, supported by 9 top experts including university rectors and world-renowned engineers, which will have to update the 2011 costs to 2023”, Salvini said again.

“The lower estimates imply for Sicily alone an increase in wealth of between 5 and 6 billion euros a year due to higher speeds”, said the minister and deputy prime minister. As for the criticisms raised by the leader of Azione Carlo Calenda who, to the same microphones, remarked on the fact that there are not even roads in Sicily, Salvini replied: “We are not talking about the Third World, I will be in Sicily next week, Taormina, to inaugurate the works for the tunnel of the new railway between Catania and Messina, we have just allocated 2 billion for the fast connection between Palermo and Catania, two hours in all, and we are intervening with Anas for dams and roads”. “We have been here for 4 months, he added – Calenda cannot arrive saying: the bridge that Italy has been waiting for for 50 years is not needed because in 4 months the roads and railways have not been finished”.