Bridge over the Strait, Salvini: “There will be appropriations in the budget law”

“Construction site in spring-summer 2024”. Then on the Mes: “It’s not useful and convenient, we have Pnrr and Btp”

“Working day and night we arrived at the decree and the company ‘Stretto di Messina’, they are updating the project, the appropriations will be in the budget law, in Octoberthere will be the necessary public money, and I think that then a private contribution can also be requested”. must go to a normal country, in the summer of 2024 I’m thinking about the opening of construction sites, perhaps in late springlet’s say as for fashion, ‘spring-summer'”.

“The bridge alone does not solve anything – the deputy premier remarked – now construction sites are underway for 28 billion in Sicily and 28 in Calabria, now the argument that ‘build the bridge but not the infrastructure’ no longer holds”. “Before it could have been a cathedral in the desert, today it is no longer – he added – I hope that politics will not be divided, as for example happened with the Tav”.


As for the Mes, “I believe that we must trust our country, not go on adventures that we don’t know where they take us. We have the Pnrr and the Italian Btp“, Salvini said on the subject of the ratification of the Mes by the Meloni government. “Will we never sign the Mes? Mai is not in my vocabulary, but the Mes is not useful, it is not convenient“, said the leader of the League. And he reiterated this by answering a journalist’s question on the sidelines about a possible negotiation that includes the Stability Pact and the Mes: “We are not at the exchange of goods. The Stability Pact must guarantee jobs for Italians and European citizens, therefore the ‘no return’ to austerity, to the cuts in health care, education and public works that took place in the past. The Mes is now not a useful tool, we don’t need it. It does not make sense”.


The Minister of Infrastructure has returned to talking about the highway code: “License plates and scooter insurance? I will put it in the bill, then Parliament decides. I have my son who uses it…”.


Then on Open Arms: if “Richard Gere will come on September 15” to testify in the ongoing trial in Palermo “I will call my mother who was very fond of cinema. We will answer with Lino Banfi”, said Salvini, interviewed by Bruno Vespa.