Bridgerton 3, fans of the series will be delighted: great news!

Bridgerton 3, the wonderful news that the avid fans of the series could not wait to know: it’s finally official!

The magnificent series broadcast on Netflix has enjoyed incredible success with its first two seasons, so much so as to renew the contract and reach agreements to promote not only the third but also the fourth season.

Bridgerton 3, wonderful news (Credits: Instagram)

Well, Bridgerton strikes again! The events of the family Bridgerton, set in the London city have conquered the public who literally devoured the two seasons since their very first debut on the streaming platform. The first season debuted in January 2021 while the second season made its debut in March 2022. But that’s not all because, as we know, the third season of the beloved television series is obviously confirmed and highly anticipated.

There third season plot always sees a member of the Bridgerton family as protagonists together with another sweet girl who has marked the story with her feather pen. Well we’re talking about Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. But there is finally one splendid and official news that fans of Bridgerton 3 they couldn’t wait to know! So here you are immediately satisfied!

Brdigerton 3, great news: fans of the series could not wait to know!

It is from the official Netflix social channel that in these hours we have all learned about the fantastic news relating Bridgerton 3. In these months in which we have ‘made enough’ the first two seasons, we are now waiting to learn more and more about the new season.

The very popular Shonda Rhimes series that weaves the story told in Julia Quinn’s novels has achieved a truly sensational success by recording a very high number of views. And so, Netflix that loves to spoil its customers with always juicy news, directly from its official page showed a social video through which the beloved actors of the series announced that the filming of the third season of Bridgerton has finally begun!

A blow to the heart that brings incredible happiness to the avid fans of the series who were waiting for nothing else to rejoice! Inside the video we see the actors intent on preparing on the set and closing the scene there are the two protagonists of the story that will be told soon, Colin and Penelope.

Remember the season finale in Bridgerton 2 right? Young Penelope was exposed by her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton. Is Lady Whistledown’s identity no longer safe? But it is not only this that unfortunately made the young Penelope unhappy who unfortunately according to what she secretly overheard on the evening of the masquerade ball, unfortunately she will have to resign herself to looking at Colin as a simple friend. Penelope’s broken heart, however, will be able to see her wounds healed, and it will be Colin who will help her ..

bridgerton 3 news
Bridgerton 3, great news (Credits: Instagram)

Likes and comments of appreciation are certainly not long in coming, and we all can’t wait to get passionate about this new story. The expectations, given the first two seasons are quite high, what do you think? Will Bridgerton surprise us again this time?