Bridgerton 3, three new very famous actors arrive: who they are and what role they will have

Bridgerton 3, three new very famous actors arrive: who they are and what role they will have in the third chapter of the beloved TV series.

All crazy about Bridgerton! The TV series produced by Shonda Rhimes and based on the novels of Julia Quinn has conquered viewers all over the world, both with the first and the second season. The passion between the Duke of Hasting and Daphne made the hearts of the fans beat, but they also loved the strong and intense feeling born between Anthony and Kate Sharma. What will happen in the third chapter?

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The news has now been made official: the protagonist couple of the third season will be the one formed by Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. A couple who, at the moment, have not yet been born, although Pen has not hidden at all the feelings he has towards his friend. How will their relationship change? We’ll see, in the meantime there is a succulent anticipation for you. In addition to finding the characters we love so much, in Bridgerton 3 we will also meet some new entries. Well three new characters ready to surprise us: curious to know who the actors are and what role they will play? We reveal everything to you.

Bridgerton’s third season is coming: there will be three new actors

Bridgerton viewers can’t wait to get excited with the highly anticipated third chapter of the TV series that made the world fall in love. Filming began about a month ago and we can’t wait to find out when the new episodes will be available on Netflix. Waiting to find out, we announce who I am three new actors who will join the cast of the series. It will be Sam Phillips, which we saw in The Crown, who will play the role of Lord Debling, a noble who will attract the attention of several young women. We will see, then, Daniel Francis in the role of Marcus Anderson: he too will capture the attention of some women, but also the dislikes of someone else. Among others, we saw the actor in Stay Close and Once Upon a time. James Phoonfinally, it will be Harry Dankwoork, a not very intelligent but very handsome young man; the actor also appeared in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

What will the three fascinating new entries? We can’t wait to find out. Apparently, in the new season, Penelope will decide to change her life and find a suitor. Will any of the three new characters try to win Pen’s heart, sparking Colin’s jealousy? We just have to wait for the answers to all these questions. Then, from left to right, the three new entries Sam Phillips, Daniel Francis and James Phoon:

bridgerton new actors
New entry to Bridgerton (Instagram Credits)

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