Bright colors like the clothes she wears on TV and a well-defined style: like Tina Cipollari’s house

We have known her for many years thanks to Men and Women where she is a columnist together with Gianni Sperti: let’s find out what Tina Cipollari’s house is like!

She is the columnist par excellence of Italian TV where we see her every day in the studio of Men and women broadcast on Canale 5. Flanked by Gianni Sperti, Tina Cipollari she has been in this role for many years and in a certain sense a large part of her working and sentimental history is linked to the famous dating show.

Bright colors like the clothes she wears on TV and a well-defined style: how is Tina Cipollari’s house (Credits: Instagram)

After having done a completely different job for a while, Tina landed at a very young age in the transmission conducted by Maria De Filippi as a suitor, but not having been chosen by the tronista in charge, she had the opportunity to sit on the throne. Subsequently, given her verve, she was ‘promoted’ to columnist and since then the public has loved her more and more every day.

It was precisely in this role that he met the well-known hairdresser Kikò Nalli who would become her husband and father of her children Mattias, Francesco and Gianluca. We know enough about Tina’s character and eccentric looks, but have you ever wondered where the blonde vamp lives?

How is the house of Tina Cipollari made: this is where the beloved face of Men and Women lives

Born in Viterbo on November 14, 1965, Maria Concetta Cipollari lives in Rome for many years in a house with a style that is as decisive as its character that is so popular with the public. Through his Instagram profile, some moments of daily life, you can see the great attention to detail of the house.

Tina Cipollari house
Credits: Instagram

The bright colors of the living room, such as yellow and red, and those of the kitchen where Tina often shows herself intent on the stove. To make the atmosphere very welcoming are the stone shelf and the wooden furnitureon which we find furnishings and souvenir photos.

A house that suits its strong personality and that shows particular details such as i ethnic style paintings and the retro teardrop chandelier.

Tina Cipollari house
Credits: Instagram

In short, a home where you certainly won’t get bored! Being the volcanic Tina, it’s no wonder, isn’t it?