Bright loudspeakers and speakers of the highest level, all the novelties of Audiogamma

It’s never easy, after visiting Audiogamma – a company specialized in distributing high quality audio solutions – to describe what we have heard. Each visit is, in fact, a journey into a musical world of the highest level and of the highest quality, with notes, tones and sensations often never experienced before. For 2023 Audiogamma offers three interesting new products: the recessed spotlights which are also Lumisonic music speakers by Zuma and various new products under the Cabasse and Perlisten Audio brands, for listening to music at the highest level. Let’s get to know them.


From Zuma, a company with offices in London and San Francisco, comes Lumisonic: it is an interesting solution that combines the classic recessed spotlights with high quality music speakers. Seen from below, the Lumisonic speakers look like simple recessed ceiling spotlights; however, when we play music, the room “comes to life” and is enveloped in a warm and enveloping sound and the audio coming from the ceiling offers the feeling of being able to immerse yourself in the music. The secret, explains Guido Baccarelli, managing director of Audiogamma, is to install at least 3-4 in a room, thanks also to the help of a guide present right on the Zuma website.

After that, if you need more lighting, you can buy very normal non-sound spotlights (they are called Luminair) to complete your lighting setup: each LED lamp, among other things, has a variable light with over 100 dimming steps and circadian functioning. Each music speaker can be installed wherever it is possible to install a 10-centimetre light fixture, they explain, and can be controlled completely wirelessly via the app. The light speakers – which also won the Red Dot Design Award 2022 – are compatible not only with Alexa but also with AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and roon. Prices: 600 euros each Lumisonic, 200 euros the Luminair.

Cabasse news

Now we move into the world of high quality audio and products dedicated to all those who love to listen to music at an optimal level. The first company that introduces us to Audiogamma is Cabasse, a historic French company founded in 1950 famous for its high-quality traditional loudspeakers which, in its very extensive range of products, presented a line of spherical wireless loudspeakers called The Pearl , many of which are able to communicate with each other directly via Wi-Fi. The most interesting product is certainly The Pearl Keshi 2.1: it is a 2.1 audio system made up of two satellites and a subwoofer with a very sophisticated spherical design that offers excellent listening quality. Among the novelties of Cabasse there is also The Pearl Akoya: a single speaker, always in the shape of a pearl, active and connected stand alone with proprietary triaxial sound technology and three concentrically mounted speakers. All Cabasse products come with a very complete app which also allows you to automatically calibrate the sound according to your listening position. Cabasse products have a very high quality and are certainly not cheap: prices start at 1,500 euros.

Perlisten Audio

Finally, for those who are not satisfied, Audiogamma markets a new brand, Perlisten Audio. It is a very young American company born in 2020 which, Baccarelli explains to us again, has built a unique reputation in the panorama of top-level loudspeakers, both in two-channel audio and in top-quality home cinema. The loudspeakers of the entire range, in fact, are THX Dominus certified, a guarantee of extremely high quality which signals the ability to overcome obstacles, support power and out of the ordinary dynamics. There are many products available that also offer fine wood finishes (with prices for true connoisseurs). Playing a song using one of these speakers seems to be catapulted into a concert hall or recording studio, with a sound quality rich in detail and, in some cases, never experienced before. Listen to believe.