Brigitte Bardot, illness at home due to the heat in Saint-Tropez

Husband: “Difficulty breathing, but he hasn’t lost consciousness.” The 88-year-old actress was given oxygen

Emergency services at home Brigitte Bardot Wednesday morning, after the 88-year-old actress suffered a slight illness probably due to the heat. The news was reported by Bfm TV and the online edition of the newspaper “Le Figaro”. According to the 24-hour news channel, firefighters went to the actress’s home in Saint-Tropez to help her.

The news was confirmed to “Var Matin” by Brigitte Bardot’s husband, Bernard d’Ormale, who explained that at 9 in the morning the diva had ‘difficulty breathing’. “She was stronger than usual, but she didn’t lose consciousness,” explained her husband. Emergency services gave her oxygen to help her breathe and ‘stayed for a while to keep an eye on her’, added Bernard d’Ormale. The iconic actress is now resting at home. “Like all people of a certain age, he can’t stand the heat anymore. It happens at 88, so you don’t have to make unnecessary efforts”he added.

For many years now, Bardot has withdrawn from public life, intervening only through social networks and most often in the interest of her fight for the animal rights cause and her foundation. Together with her husband Bernard d’Ormale, she has found refuge not in La Madrague, her legendary property on the sea, but in La Garrigue, her second home, where she lives surrounded by her animals.

Among her latest comments, Brigitte Bardot expressed her sadness at the news of Jane Birkin’s death last Sunday. “When you are so beautiful, so fresh, so spontaneous, with the voice of a child, you have no right to die,” wrote the diva, who had shared a lot with the singer since they met for the first time fifty years ago following Serge Gainsbourg.

In the spring, the actress showed up on social media when rumors circulated that she was in intensive care: “I want to reassure everyone. I’m fine. The press made a scandal for my illness in January and today it’s a lot of talk”.