Brindisi, who died after setting himself on fire: he had stabbed and burned his wife

He committed suicide in front of the hospital where the woman is hospitalized in serious condition with third-degree burns on 25% of her body

The 32-year-old man who, in recent days in Galatone, in the province of Lecce, had seriously injured his wife, first by stabbing her and then setting her on fire, died at the ‘Perrino’ hospital in Brindisi. After fleeing and making himself untraceable for three days, evading the searches of the carabinieri, he had presented himself in front of the same Perrino hospital. After attempting to enter the facility in which the woman is hospitalized from the main entrance and being rejected by the security guards, he returned to his car, took a bottle of petrol and poured the contents on himself, setting himself on fire. and causing himself burns on 80% of his body.

Despite the intervention of the vigilantes and other people who had put out the flames with the extinguishers supplied, his conditions were immediately defined by the very serious doctors. His wife is hospitalized in serious condition in the specialized ward of the hospital with third-degree burns on an area of ​​25% of the body (upper part, including head and face). The patient is followed by intensive care doctors in collaboration with the hospital’s burn center.