“British people are ready to fight against Putin”, the shocking words of the head of the GB Army

The Chief of Staff of the British Forces in a speech at Twickenham: “Ukraine brutally illustrates the fact that regular armies start wars and military forces made up of citizens win them”

British civilians who are part of a “pre-war generation” must be prepared to fight a war against Vladimir Putin’s Russia if necessary. This is the shocking statement of Chief of Staff of the British Forces, Patrick Sanders, in a speech delivered in Twickenham, London. Ordinary citizens could be forced to strengthen military forces, he added. The Ministry of Defense immediately clarified that there is no plan to return to the military service abolished in 1960.

Sanders however he cited the example of Sweden which, in view of its membership in NATO, has just reintroduced a form of military exercise. Britain must also “take steps to enable our societies to be on a war footing”. Such a step “is not only desirable, but essential”he added, specifying that the foundations “of a national mobilization” cannot be limited to countries bordering or close to Russia, for this reason “we will not be immune and even the pre-war generation must prepare and it is an effort that involves all Village”.

Ukraine brutally illustrates the fact that regular armies start wars and citizen military forces win them“, underlined Sanders, who will retire next July.