Britney Spears is back free, but the legal battle is not over

After 13 years, the pop star is no longer under the constraint of a guardian

After 13 years, Britney Spears is no longer under the bond of a guardian, and is free to make personal and professional decisions for herself. This was reported by the specialized site The Hollywood Reporter. It is the first time since the legal settlement was established in 2008, but the November 12 ruling in his favor, according to the site, does not mean that his battle is over.

Spears and her attorney Mathew Rosengart have in fact made it clear that they will investigate the abuses and financial mismanagement that she claims occurred during guardianship and they will hold his father, Jamie Spears, and others, responsible for any wrongdoing that is discovered. “Britney is seeking accountability for all fiduciary duty violations, such as the need for surveillance and reproductive rights decisions,” said Benny Roshan, president of Greenberg Glusker law firm. “The simplest thing for you is to oppose all the expenses for the various agents seeking court approval.”

Meantime, the pop star is determined to take back her life. In one of the latest posts on Instagram, Spears has in fact declared that she wants to ‘put in place’ another child. “I’m thinking of having another baby !!! -she writes, accompanying the comment with a photo of a baby’s feet on tiptoe-. I wonder if this is a girl … she’s on tiptoe to reach something. .. that’s for sure”.