Britney Spears names the surprising person who inspired her short haircut

Since being released from her guardianship in November 2021, britney spears he has regained control of his life and has been spending his time, and his money, as he pleases. Over the past year, the pop star has gotten married and has been traveling, spending a lot of time in her favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.

On October 4, Spears took to Instagram to share a video of her on the beach. “I cut all my hair…I don’t want to show it yet,” she captioned the post, adding three scissor emojis.

In the video, spears she frolicked on the beach without a top and had noticeably shorter hair tied in a ponytail under a pink hat.

As she rolled around in the sand wearing nothing but a pair of bikini bottoms, spears he teased his audience with his new look, but managed not to reveal too much.

Although she has yet to share a photo of her shorter hair, she has shared what, or rather who, inspired her to get a new cut.

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Britney Spears took a page from Khloe Kardashian’s hair book

5th of October, Britney Spears revealed that she was inspired to get a haircut by a reality TV star. “I woke up this morning in the most adorable room I have ever stayed in… my life! I feel so blessed!

I was inspired by the hair of Khloé Kardashian, so today I’m working on some deep conditioning.” Spears captioned an Instagram post.

The pop star went on to say that she did not appreciate the hateful comments she received on the post in which she shared that she cut her hair. “I was shocked to see how many comments there were under my post I made yesterday. I looked and oh my god people are absolutely obnoxious!” The Spears legend continued.

It is not known when spears She plans to show her fans her big hair reveal, but this certainly isn’t the first time she’s cut her hair short.

Over the years spears She has had different types of hairstyles, from various lengths to various colors. When he was younger, he had shoulder-length hair, and after he ended his guardianship of him, several of his fans noticed that he sported a completely different style thanks to the stylist. Dimitris Giannetos. Her long, tousled hair was blown smooth and sleek in an Instagram post, according to Cosmopolitan.

We’ll see how long Spears keeps her hair short this time.