Brothers of Italy, Rotondi’s party is among the lenders

‘Green is Popular’ paid 5 thousand euros

With a donation of 5 thousand euros between the private lenders of Fratelli d’Italia there is also ‘Verdi is popular’, the environmentalist-inspired party founded in 2021 by the former blue Gianfranco Rotondi, elected in the politics of last September 25 in one of the 15 single-member constituencies ‘guaranteed’ by Giorgia Meloni to the centrists of ‘Noi moderates ‘, the so-called fourth leg of the centre-right. Sifting through thelist of contributions received by the Via della Scrofa party this year and made public by law, in fact, the political formation of the Christian Democrat Rotondi ‘moved’ from Forza Italia to the Melonians about four months ago appears. Rotondi explains to Adnkronos the reasons for the payment of 5 thousand euros (reclaimed on 27 October) into the coffers of the party led by Giorgia Meloni: ”I’m not a member of the Brothers of Italy but my party, ‘Green is popular’ , he presented himself to the latest policies on the list with Meloni and for this reason we felt it was our duty to make a gesture of sympathy”.

The Campania parliamentarian, elected in the majority of Avellino in the Chamber, is keen to clarify that he “as the only registered parliamentarian, pays his political creature, or the New DC which later transformed into ‘Green is popular’, 2 thousand euros a month. And this contribution is due because it is still paying its share of debts relating to the ‘extinct’ People of Freedom”.