Brothers of Italy, the balance sheet: accounts in surplus for Meloni

‘Liquids’ for 2.5 million. 2x thousand effect and donor boom

Profit accounts for Giorgia Meloni. According to the latest balance sheet, the one relating to 2021, Fratelli d’Italia closed the financial year as of last December 31st with an operating surplus of 184 thousand 609 euros. Strengthened by the latest polls that give her over the League of her ally Matteo Salvini and the ‘overtaking’ always consumed to the detriment of the ‘Captain’ in the last administrative, the leader of via della Scrofa can count on solid finances. A net worth of over 2 million euros. And a maxi liquidity of 2.5 million euros (of which 2 million 487 thousand euros in bank and post office deposits), against just over 120 thousand euros of ‘debts’. A blue figure given the lean times after the abolition of public funding. Which, added to the proceeds from membership cards and the so-called private donations, ensures substantial reserves and allows the former Minister of Youth of the Berlusconi government to look calmly to the political future in view of 2023.

In fact, sifting through the financial statements it is discovered that the contribution of 2x thousand, estimated at 2 million 697 thousand 915 euros (made up of two tranches), ‘enriches’ the coffers of the party, a real treasure, to which we must add two ‘items’ of weight: the annual membership fees for a total of 965 thousand 953 euros, and the ‘liberal donations’ by’ legal persons’ (just 16 thousand euros to tell the truth) which, however, must be added to the much more substantial ones paid by ‘natural persons ‘, mostly the’ elected ‘(ie deputies, senators and MEPs) who amount to 735 thousand 913 euros. At present, there are no cases of arrears, a problem that grips the finances of M5S and Forza Italia.

Cards in hand, in the table of ‘management costs’ stand out the 2 million 313 thousand 747 euros spent on ‘services’, from electoral propaganda to the organization of events and demonstrations, including the amounts intended to ” encourage the active participation of women in politics ”, of over 357 thousand euros. In particular, the ‘costs for the use of third party assets’, equal to 61 thousand 428 euros, ” include the lease for spaces for events as well as the lease of the national headquarters ” in via della Scrofa. For staff, Fdi pays out about 200 thousand euros: these are 4 full-time units, 3 belonging to the clerical category and an usher. The item of 1.6 million euro ‘for contributions to associations and economic and financial autonomies’ is also substantial.

” staccato ‘check for 100 thousand euros for Ecr and 105 thousand euros for’ National Youth ‘

Meloni’s party has ‘issued’ a check for 100,000 euros in Europe in support of the activities of the party of European conservatives, the Ecr, of which the leader of via della Scrofa is president. On the basis of the federative relationship with the ‘National Youth’ association provided for by the statute, a contribution of 105 thousand euros was paid, instead, to the official youth movement of Fdi.

The budget was approved by the National Directorate which met on 8 June last (as per minutes) and chaired by the coordinator Edmondo Cirielli. Treasurer Roberto Carlo Mele writes in his management report: “ The accounts have remained constantly in balance, the suppliers have been paid regularly, also in the awareness that the administration of a political party must always aim not only at sound and prudent management , but also to an exemplary reputation. ”

In 2021, underlines the administrative secretary, ” Fdi continued its administrative activity in the logic of streamlining and efficiency. The income of the 2x thousand last year recorded further growth, confirming it as the most important and widespread source of microfinance “.” The voluntary contributions of national and European parliamentarians also contribute to the economic equilibrium of the party “.

by Vittorio Amato