Bruce Springsteen postpones 2023 tour concert dates due to health concerns

A few weeks after the last update on his health, which had already forced him to postpone the concert dates for the month of September, Bruce Springsteen is back online to announce through his official channels the decision to pause the 2023 tour until the end of the year.
The Boss, who is being treated for a peptic ulcer, reassured fans by anticipating that he will return to play live in 2024. The new dates will be announced within a week.

The Boss is “on the mend”

“I’m on the mend and can’t wait to see you all next year,” Springsteen wrote in a personal note alongside a statement containing the news for fans awaiting his return to the stage in better shape. before.
The seventy-four year old takes advantage of the social update to send his thanks to the many fans, friends and supporters who are encouraging him on his recovery journey which has led him to postpone the dates of his live shows in the States this month to the beginning of September.
After the announcement of the resumption of the tour in November, the Boss is forced to announce that he will have toi stop a little longer to allow your body optimal recovery. The stop was established by doctors who are following him. For his part, the singer-songwriter, who has not lost his enthusiasm, thanks all those who made him feel affection and closeness and who in recent days have sent him their best wishes for his recovery.

Tickets valid for 2024

While waiting to know the specific dates of the 2023 tour postponed to 2024, the organizers of Springsteen’s tour with the E Street Band have anticipated that tickets purchased up to this point remain valid for them new dates. The individual locations planned for the concerts will also remain unchanged.
However, those who know they will not be able to participate in the live shows next year will be able to ask for a refund of costs in thirty days with the methods provided by the individual ticket offices and ticket sales platforms.
Springsteen, who has been on tour since the beginning of the year, had already canceled some dates due to health problems, postponing others (see those in August in Philadelphia). In Italy he performed for three triumphal datesbetween May and July, in Rome, Ferrara and Monza.