Bruce Springsteen tour 2023, three dates in Italy to make you dream

The manager Trotta: “Controversy over high prices? I laugh, they are the lowest in the world”

Bruce Springsteen arrives in Italy. Three dates, awaited for seven years, for the ‘mini tour’ of the Boss and his The E Street Band in our country which begins in Ferrara on 18 May at the Giorgio Bassani urban park, continues on 21 May at the Circus Maximus in Rome and closes on July 25 at Prato della Gerascia, in the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, a date that will also close the 2023 European tour. Almost three hours of show for a sold out for months, which marks a boom in attendance, as the organizer explains of Springsteen’s concerts in Italy, Claudio Trotta: “We will have 49,800 people in Ferrara, 60,000 in Rome and 70,000 in Monza. In Rome and Monza we could have had higher attendances, but by my choice I believe that 70,000 people at the Circus Maximus are too many, same goes for Monza,” he says.

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band will perform in Ferrara for the first time: “It’s an important moment for the city – says the mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri – We’ve been working on it for a while and we believe in it and now we see it come true a very important dream for us. It was not an easy journey, we did something that I think has never occurred in Ferrara. Being included in such an important program with capital cities of Italy and of the world is a moment of great visibility”. “We pick up the baton of Paris, where Bruce will perform before Ferrara. We worked paying attention to all the logistical, organizational and environmental protection contexts – echoes the Councilor for Culture of the municipality of Ferrara Marco Gulinelli – There are over 200 people at work and we are waiting for another 200 people from the American staff. These are concerts that are distinguished by the great attention to the preparation”.

A lineup destined to make fans dream for three intense hours (“it will be more or less identical almost everywhere, as well as that of the United States, and I don’t think there will be songs on request”, explains Trotta). From ‘No Surrender’, which opens the concert, to pieces of rock history, such as ‘Dancing In The Dark’, ‘Badlands’, ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’, ‘Glory Days’, ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘The Rising’, ‘Thunder Road’, ‘Born In The Usa’, ‘Born To Run’, together with ‘Only the Strong Survive’ and the famous ‘Nightshift’ by the Commodores (from the recent ‘Only the strong survive’, released at the end of last year, already certified Gold Record in Italy, recorded by Springsteen to celebrate soul music).

Making a comparison with some great Italian performers, Trotta explains: “Bruce was Enzo Iannacci, now he’s more Giorgio Gaber -he says- In the sense that in the show there is a theatrical structure, of construction of the show which is not that caciarona of Iannacci but it is the very precise and rigorous one à la Giorgio Gaber”. The manager then mentions, solicited by the journalists’ questions, the ‘controversy’ raised by some for the prices of the concert, judged high: “Prices too high? I feel like laughing. I think you know the prices of Bono, Peter Gabriel and I could continue. What are we talking about? Bruce’s prices in Italy, where the dynamic price has not been applied, are among the lowest in the world. In particular, the lowest price in Ferrara is the lowest in the whole world. he always complains, but it’s not possible to please everyone,” he says.

And he launches a strong thrust on the practice of the ‘secondary ticket’ which – he recalls – “at this moment in Italy is a crime, it is punishable, people must inform themselves. Unfortunately this is one of the evils not only Italian”.

The concert could become a docu-film, but not in the canonical sense of the term: “We’ve been documenting everything we’ve been doing since May 3 – Trotta explains again – We have an artistic aspiration, it could be that sooner or later a docu-film will come out of it everything that happens in the buildup to and that day at Bruce’s concert. But it won’t be all of Bruce’s concert.” And on Amazon who bought the rights: “If Amazon takes these rights, let’s hope it does a good job”.