Bruce Willis reappears in public after the announcement of the disease. The first photos

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Blue sweatshirt, black overalls, one hand in the pocket and the gray wool hat lowered over his eyes: Bruce Willis, 67 years oldwalking with two friends on a sidewalk of Santa Monicain Los Angeles County, California, e thus reappears in public for the first time after the announcement of the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia spread on social networks by the family on February 16th. In the new photos and video published by Daily Mail the actor, having gone out for a coffee, seems to want to meet whoever is filming the scene on his cell phone, but one of the two friends shields him.


After the initial diagnosis of aphasiaa syndrome that causes impairment of speech skills, Willis has retired from the film business. Last February the wife Emma Heming44, updated her fans on her husband’s condition in an Instagram post, later also taken up by the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration website: “Since we announced Bruce’s diagnosis of aphasia in spring 2022, the condition of Bruce has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia. Unfortunately, communication difficulties are just one symptom of Bruce’s disease. Although this is painful, it’s a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis”. Heming added that “today there is no cure for this diseasea reality that we hope will change in the years to come”.