Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel flies to Florence. The previews of the second stage

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After the challenge of Marrakeshthe first ever outside the Italian borders, the “ring” presided over by Bruno Barbieri returns to Italy: the protagonists are the hoteliers of Florencethe focus of the second appointment with Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotelswaited for Thursday 25 May exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW. The starred Chef leads the new chapter of the competition – Sky Original production created by Banijay Italia – showing a super creative and eclectic version of Florence, putting some of the eclectic hotels most exclusive in the city.

Once again this week, the competing hotels, of different price ranges or categories, will compete for the title by focusing on their charm and peculiarities, keeping unchanged the successful mechanism that made this show a cult. Colleagues and opponents at the same time, guided by the demanding and severe expert Bruno Barbieri, the contestants will spend a day and a night in each other’s hotels. Once you have checked in, for each hotel the starred Chef will experience firsthand the welcome, style, cleanliness, services of the hotels and more generally the hospitality of each hotelier. At breakfast, after checkout, the contestants will judge each other by giving a rating from 0 to 10 out of 5 categories: location, room, breakfast, services, price. Bruno will also vote who, with his votes, at the end of each episode will be able to confirm or revolutionize the verdict resulting from the votes of the 4 protagonists of the episode. Only one of the competing hoteliers will thus be awarded an economic contribution to be reinvested in their company.

During this second episode Bruno will therefore lead a competition between the owners of some gods best eclectic hotels in the Tuscan capitalwho will compete to offer the Chef and the other hoteliers a dream stay in the structures within the bustling historic center of Florence and along the sweet waters of the Arno.

The protagonists of the challenge of the second stage

Bonifacio Falco Howard Leonardi of Casalino, director of Casa Howard, a 13-room boutique hotel in an ancient English-style building in the Santa Maria Novella district. Bonifacio, born to an English mother and an Italian father, after studying in Switzerland and France, decided to support his mother in creating a luxurious place with a unique style, between classic and modern. Howard is the middle name of Bonifacio, inspired by the famous novel «Casa Howard» by Edward Morgan Forster;

Giacomo Bufalini, owner of the 4-star Hotel Orto de Medici, located in the historic center with 42 rooms. In this hotel history and modernity intertwine perfectly. In 1489, Lorenzo De Medici and Michelangelo met in the “garden” located inside the structure. Over time, history has given way to modernity; the staff is young, dynamic and full of enthusiasm, and Giacomo has tried to make the environment and the rooms the same. Most of the rooms are deluxe; the style has changed over the years becoming “minimal and modern”, creating a true oasis of tranquility away from the noise of the center;

Asmaa Gacem, owner of Hotel Lungarno Vespucci 50, a 4-star hotel – with 5-star services – in one of the chicest areas of the city. Young Franco-Moroccan entrepreneur, mother of two children, she has been in Italy for 9 years, she speaks 5 languages ​​and learned Italian in 3 months. The building is a historic hotel which in the 19th century hosted illustrious personalities such as Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky: the signs of history can be seen on the façade and interiors with frescoes and classic furnishings well enriched by design furniture; the clientele is mostly foreign;

Simone Bellocci, one of the three owners of 4F, a small three-star design hotel with 14 rooms on the banks of the Arno located on the top floor of a historic building. He proudly says that the lui hotel di lui is in a perfect position for those who want to see the «real Florence». His concept of Florentine hospitality is different: unlike most hotels that look to the past, his hospitality looks to the future. You are totally away from the chaos of the city but you can reach the city center in 10 minutes on foot: the 4F directly overlooks the Arno and is furnished with care and originality by Simone’s architect partners. The 4F is a comfortable and familiar environment: by choice there is no TV in the room just to encourage the guest to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Thanks to the Toscana Film Commission for the discussion table – which will take place in the Palazzo degli Affari.

In subsequent episodes, Bruno’s journey will continue passing through pet-friendly facilities in Emilia-Romagna to Trieste atUmbriafrom Milan at the Carniapassing through a new stage abroad, a Maltalooking for unforgettable stays and the latest industry news.

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BRUNO BARBIERI 4 HOTELS is a Sky Original production made by Banijay Italia.

Conducted by Bruno Barbieri. Director: Tommaso Deboni. Authors: Nicola Lorenzi, Leonardo Diana, Daniele Rossi.