Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel lands in Trieste. The previews of the fourth episode

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The hoteliers of Triesteseaside town, wind and historic cafes, are the protagonists of the new appointment with Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotelswaited for Thursday 8 June exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW. The new chapter of the race – Sky Original production created by Banijay Italia – stops in the cosmopolitan city of Julian: a place with infinite souls, a border and opening city characterized by majestic historic buildings, enchanting squares and breathtaking views of the sea.


After hosting some of the greatest writers of the 20th century, the charming capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia prepares to welcome the hôtellerie expert Bruno Barbieri. Also this week, the competing hotels, of different price ranges or categories, will compete for the title by focusing on their charm and peculiarities, keeping unchanged the success mechanism that made this show a cult: colleagues and opponents at the same time , led by the demanding and severe expert Bruno Barbieri, the competitors will spend a day and a night in each other’s hotels; once you have checked in, for each hotel the starred Chef will experience firsthand the welcome, style, cleanliness, services of the hotels and more generally the hospitality of each hotelier. At breakfast, after checkout, the contestants will judge each other by giving a score from 0 to 10 out of 5 categories: location, room, breakfast, services, price. Bruno will also vote who, with his votes, at the end of each episode will be able to confirm or revolutionize the verdict resulting from the votes of the 4 protagonists of the episode. Only one of the competing hoteliers will thus be awarded an economic contribution to be reinvested in their company. Also in the episodes of this cycle of episodes, in Italy and abroad, Barbieri enhances the eco-sustainable choices carried out by hoteliers: where particular attention was paid to environmental sustainability, it could affix its unmistakable “green seal”.


During this fourth episode – Thursday 8 June at 21.15 exclusively on Sky Uno and in streaming only on NOW, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go – Bruno will therefore lead a competition between the owners of four accommodation facilities capable of best representing the city of Trieste in all its forms: design, history and modernity. The protagonists of the challenge will be:
Victorvery young owner of theUrban Design Hotels, the first design hotel in the city with 49 rooms, located in the alleys of the center of Trieste. Vittorio inherited the management of the hotel from his father and is now ready to get involved. The design style of the hotel fits perfectly within the ancient walls of the fifteenth century, with a careful restoration of 4 small ancient buildings joined together by a recently built corridor.
Mauroowner of the Victoria Literary Hotel, 44-room 4-star hotel, located in a very busy street in the center of Trieste, whose name reveals the owner’s deep love for literature. Mauro is a great traveler who loves to stay in the most exclusive hotels in the world and has a very critical eye: for this reason, in managing his hotel he always tries to see everything with the eye of the customer. Inspired by the great literary tradition of Trieste, the hotel occupies a historic building which once housed the famous Irish writer James Joyce for two years;
Marcoowner of Hotel City of Porec, a 34-room structure in the center of Trieste which is located between the Roman Theater and Piazza Unità d’Italia. The 3-star hotel actually offers the customer a four-star hospitality at a lower cost. Marco is very attentive to every detail, a legacy of his previous career as a quality controller in hotels.
Alexanderowner together with his brothers of the hotel YouMe, a new 20-room design hotel in the center of Trieste, in the Teresian village a stone’s throw from the sea. Alessandro says that his is a hotel «disruptive» in the Trieste panorama, because it has a very design style in a 1700s building. The hotel was awarded the «best design hotel in Italy» award. With them the customer enters as «you» because he comes from outside but becomes «me» because once inside he is linked to the concept of the Hotel.

This episode of Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotel made use of the collaboration of PromoTurismoFVG, FVG Film Commission, Municipality of Trieste. In subsequent episodes, Bruno’s journey will continue passing through the accommodation facilities of theUmbriaOf Milanfrom the Carniapassing through a new stage abroad, a Malta, looking for unforgettable stays and the latest industry news. Sky Brand Solutions, Sky Media department, together with Banijay Italia brought on board the new episodes of “Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel” Aetherna, Zucchetti, Food for Dogs Italia. BRUNO BARBIERI 4 HOTELS is a Sky Original production made by Banijay Italia. Conducted by Bruno Barbieri. Director: Tommaso Deboni. Authors: Nicola Lorenzi, Leonardo Diana, Daniele Rossi.

BRUNO BARBIERI 4 HOTEL: every Thursday at 21.15 exclusively on Sky Uno and in streaming only on NOW, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go.