Bruno Carbone, a life as a drug broker at the service of the clans

From Holland, he managed relations with Colombian suppliers

A life of drug brokers at the service of the clans. Fugitive narcos Bruno Coal he was captured at the Dubai airport by the carabinieri of the Naples investigative unit and could perhaps already be extradited to Italy today. It’s about one of the big names in drug trafficking international: Carbone, originally from Giugliano, for years would have supplied the Neapolitan clans with drugs, from the Nuvoletta to the Ciccarelli of Parco Verde, up to the clans of the Traiano district, managing, from his based in Hollandrelations with Colombian suppliers.

The fugitive for Carbone had taken place after the sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for international drug trafficking along the route Spain-Naples-Catania. It was the collaborator of justice Andrea Lollo, a former drug broker, who revealed the Dutch base that Carbone would have used in an initial phase: “Carbone’s wife told me that after Christmas 2014 I could reach Bruno Carbone, in his hideout in Holland”, said the repentant in a deposition.

It was precisely in Dubai that two other prominent elements of Campania’s criminality had been captured: the Camorra broker Raffaele Imperiale, considered one of the most important drug traffickers in the world, who became known because in one of his villas in Naples two paintings by Van Gogh stolen in 2002 in Amsterdam, and Raffaele Mauriello, ‘o barge, considered a leading exponent of the Amato-Pagano clan.